Weight Loss Progress

Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

Let me apologize I am sorry. I have left the blogging world for over one month and December was a month of a slight gain, no major relapse, but I gained about four pounds. I am in the low 170's and know that after a good solid week of no carbs/sugars I will be back into the 160's.

But I am sorry to leave you all hanging. December was a busy busy month. It is weird how December comes and everything else starts flying-time, no sugar rules, etc.

I also had a cold for three weeks straight and I am finally feeling well again. I got some Nasonex at the doctors, but I had been living off of Mucinex and Vicks NatureFusion Nighttime (awesome by the way, I slept like a rock).

As for the diet, I have had a hard time getting off the carbs consistently since relapsing over Christmas time, but today I know that I am back. The culinary teachers at work brought cookies to our meeting AND............

I did not have one! Amen! My will power has re-entered the building! I was missing you Will!

I came home and took Moji for a walk today and have my bag packed for the gym (after work, no excuses) tomorrow. I need to get back on that damn exercise train! As long as I get some cardio in and start doing it again I will be happy.

I am cooking a nice dinner of Chimmicurri Salmon and a baby vegetable medley. No refined carbs or sugar here! I will finish off the night with some apples with peanut butter.

Got some cardio in, stayed within my calories, and stayed refined carb free.

Now to work on getting in my water.

Everyday is a new chance to stay on my plan and become a better me.

I'm here and bring it! Less than thirty pounds till I reach my goals of 142lbs, and I want to get there before my bandiversary - April 21st! I can do it!