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Monday, July 30, 2012

Why Do Things Happen?

We can plan for things. Try to do our best to plan and make things as efficient and effective as possible.Yet for some reason-that is completely external to your doing- it will make all of your planning pointless.

Why is this?

Now this can happen in any aspect of your life. Health, fitness, financial, paperwork, work, traffic, etc. But why does it happen and how should we react to it? Is there any way to react to it that is effective? Or is it best to just find a way to deal. To learn from what is happening and to practice patience and acceptance and move on with our lives until things fall back into place.

I am not a Church-going person, but I am spiritual. I believe. I do BELIEVE! I believe there is a greater being and a path that is planned for each of us. I believe that everything happens for a reason- even reasons that we do not understand. Perhaps somethings never really being fully understood without serious detachment from the issue- and who can really detach from some issues (for this I think of sudden loss of a loved one, etc).

But for the most part, there are lessons to be learned and paths that need to be taken that at the time might not be exactly where in our minds we want to go. I mean in my situation of starting a family and being in a lesbian relationship- it is not as easy as it is for some families. Things happen. We can plan to go from Point A to Pregnant(Point B) to Birth(Final Destination), but unfortunately that is not life. There are steps in the middle just from Point A to Pregnant(Point B) that are tiresome, stressful, and at the times heart wrenching. But we must learn from all of these things. We must assess what it is that we really want, are there other paths from Point A to Point B to the Final Destination that we are just not seeing because of this giant blind spot in the vehicle we are driving in the journey.

Are we so focused on the final destination that we are missing a whole bunch of fun sights along the way? Should we just try to enjoy the ride to the final destination? Should we get a new vehicle or take a bus or train on our journey to the final destination of our trip?

Sometimes one may even ask, "why are we on this path to this destination in the first place", but in my case I would never ask that because I love and want this final destination- but in my case my final destination is a family and child, so it is a bit different to our life situations.

I love my wife with all of my heart. She is my best friend. My soulmate. She wants a child more than anything and I want to share that experience and raise a child of our own together. As we travel down the road in this trip to the final destination it is important for us to keep in mind that when a road has construction on it, we can't start crying and swearing like sailors (sorry Steve) at the construction workers, but rather we need to turn up the music, open the window (if whether permits), and enjoy the company of each other as we wait to pass the construction site. While perhaps posting a few Facebook updates/pics of our journey and sharing our lives with our loved ones.

I guess the central point of what I am writing about is that things happen for a reason. We may not know the reason or understand it at that point, but everything will work out for the best in the end. But as we endure and experience these "things" that are "happening" to us, we need to enjoy it (as hard as it may seem) because the traveling from "things" to "things" are what makes up the story of our life in the end.

I leave you with the following: "Enjoy the moments in your journey, because those moments are what make up our life".

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