Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 29 Post-Op Update

Hello Everyone!!!

I officially weight 173.6 lbs as of this morning. Woot woot!!!!

Holla!!!! 110.4 lbs down since Pre-Op!!!

That means I have lost 110.4lbs in total since starting the pre-op diet on April 7, 2011.


It is amazing. I am stoked.

I am getting used to my body's monthly weight loss cycles and know that I go from not losing much for two weeks to losing 7-9lbs in two weeks. As long as the weight comes off every month I am understanding the cycle and I'm OK with it.

I have totally converted over to using Weight Watchers system of tracking and having unlimited fruits and veggies. But it's not really unlimited (since I can't eat unlimited of anything), but I will have an apple and not worry that it has 100 calories in it (which I was stressing about before). I am still tracking my weight on LoseIt.com and love LoseIt, but I needed to switch it up I feel. I am only 8.2lbs away from getting the 100lb badge on LoseIt, which will enable me to buy the 100lb club t-shirt! I want it!

My weight loss goal for the month is to get to 169.9 or lower by December 1st. I really would like to be in the 160's by the time December hits and that would put me on a good track to end the year strong and get to my ultimate goal of 142 by the end of March. I only have to lose 3.7lbs in two and a half weeks to meet my goal for November, but I know my body's cycle so hopefully I can accomplish that goal! I feel like I will, I know I will!!!!!

My goal for the next week is to keep doing all that I am currently doing, but to add in 30 minutes of exercise each day at a minimum. I have been slacking on that during the past two weeks (losing power and Martha Monthly will do it every time, LOL!). But seriously I need to move and not let the exercise slip b/c I am busy or that its getting dark and cold out. Exercise is important not only for my weight loss, but also to help me feel good. Gotta do it! That is my goal for the week, to keep doing what I am currently doing but to also add in 30 minutes of exercise every day- no excuses!

I have also read an interesting article on Yoga Journal's website, The Joy of Baking, about the joy of giving through food (particularly baked goods). Now, we all know that I do not eat refined carbs (or at least very very rarely!) but I do see the happiness and connectivity that food brings people. How it can be a very spiritual and mindful practice to lovingly make a food item for someone and then to have them enjoy it knowing that it was lovingly made for them. There is something warm and fuzzy about it. So, with this in mind I made a cinnamon cake with butter creme frosting for my boss at work, who was in the military (and tomorrow is Veteran's Day so.........). It was nice, I enjoyed making and thought about him and all of our Veteran's while doing so. And then I got to see him enjoy it along with a few of my co-workers. And it brightened their days.

What I have realized is that I do not have to eat the sugar or refined carbs, if I do it's my choice, but I choose not to the vast majority of the time. But it does not mean that I can't partake in the joy and happiness that comes from sharing a part of yourself with others through food and baking, in this case the part of myself was shown through a cinnamon cake. I think I am starting to come to terms with food, my sugar addiction, and how to handle myself around it. I also am trying really hard to concentrate on the joy of the events and on the feelings surrounding giving, food, and the holidays. Not concentrating on gorging myself on the treats, but rather the connection you feel with others and the joy of sharing part of yourself and your love.

God, I really am gay! But I will keep doing this. And if you get a chance read the article that I linked to above. It really impacted me and maybe it will do the same for you.

Have a good week and next week's post will focus on mindfulness and the holidays.