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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Three of Vacation

We got up at 7am (8am eastern time) and went to the gym. Thirty five minutes of walking on the treadmill, thirty minutes of weights (entire upper body), and fifteen minutes of stretching.

We then went to a bakery that Josie's friend owns for Pan Dulce (Mexican Sweet Bread) and stopped at a gas station (yes, a gas station) for breakfast tacos with made by hand, on premises (I saw the little woman making them by hand in front of me as we waited) flour tortillas. I did not have one as I had my Metamucil and protein shake for breakfast, but they do look and smell good. It's funny in Connecticut I would not eat anything from a gas station, but it actually looks nice and fresh here.

After this we prepared for Tropical Storm Don- completely a waste of time and was nothing more than a rain event for about two hours. So, we could not go to the island like I had hoped for. Instead we hung out at her grandparents and had a birthday celebration for her cousin. We also discovered Moyo Frozen Yogurt, which is awesome- no sugar added and fat free. I had the plain and the sweet potato root mixed together and it was awesome, I also had some mango, pineapple, and strawberries on top (all fresh and delicious)! I am in love with no sugar added frozen yogurt- once I get home and have access to my Mac again I am going to find out how to make frozen yogurt out of high protein Greek Yogurt and then I will become an expert! I wonder if I need one of those ice cream machines like a Cuisineart??

One good diet thing that came out of me coming down here (besides my new love for froyo) is my new interest in different fruits as I really want to try pomegranates, papayas, and a few other fruits that I don't have too often or ever.

Moyo's frozen yogurt

Yummy, my yogurt!

As for my dinner I had Authentic Mexican Fajitas (not that shit from Chili's) from Kiki's in Brownsville. I had about 4 ounces of meat without tortillas but with hot sauce and half a cup of frijoles charros. It was great and I am glad that nothing like that is available in CT because it is too high caloric to have daily or weekly. But my protein count was good! Lol!

Then we went out and danced at a local club and I must have drank 5 bottles of water (I know ......wild child I am!) and had a good time with Josie and her brother and cousin.

We finished the night off at 2am with a chicken burger (sans bun) from Whataburger.

All in all, we had a fun day but are both looking forward to being home and back to our surroundings and life in CT!

Well, till tomorrow! <3

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Day Two of Vacation

Today was day two of vacation and I am not overly happy with the quality of food that I ate. It was delicious, but I sort of got peer pressured into eating two tortilla chips and a small piece of corn tortilla. I don't know if it was the carbs or that I ate too much(I don't think that was it as I didn't eat that much, probably less than 6oz, but a good three ounces of that was authentic guacamole) but I felt bloated and horrible for the rest of the evening. I will not be doing that again, I am really not liking being out of my element, I don't have access to scales at restaurants, I don't know what they put in the food for certain, and with visiting people I am not eating at my usual times (last night I had dinner at 9pm central time or 10pm eastern time. I'm just not use to this.

Today we went to the gym in the morning- Gold's Gym of Brownsville, TX. It is nice, but we must have gone on a bad day because a bunch of the machines were not working and they had no normal elliptical machines so we had to use the treadmill. I walked for an hour and then Josie wanted to leave to spend time with her family(the reason we are here) so there was no weights today. But it was nice to work out and be active for a bit, but I miss my home gym!

For breakfast I had my Metamucil and my protein shake made with skim milk(which is harder to find here!) I wanted to eat something light after my dinner last night and not feeling well. My stomach appreciated that and was fine after breakfast.

We had a late lunch at Pirate's Landing because we spent the day at Schlitterban Water Park. We had the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail and six oysters on the half shell for an appetizer (which could have been our whole meal) and we ordered a broiled seafood plate which included shrimp, sea scallops, and five coconut shrimp (Josie wanted those). We ended up taking the vast majority of that home and I had the broiled shrimp for a snack later in the evening.

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Oysters on the Half-shell

Fun pick of me as a pirate! Arrr!!

For dinner we were going to go get tacos at Yoli's Tacqueria (which I remember being awesome), but as we were in line we got a call from Josie's Aunt saying she had food at her house. So we went there and it was 9:30 by the time we got there which is 10:30 eastern time. They had stuffed shells (I know travel all the way to Texaco to have Italian food....WTF!) which were good and I ate the inside I'd one stuffed shell. When in Rome....or this case....when in Brownsville......

Overall, I had a fun day today and now my butt is sore from the water park. Josie is having a great time with her family and I know how much she loves her family down here. It is nice to see her happy and around her family. We are with my family so much, this is her time.

I do miss my puppies, my house, my gym, and the total control of the food that I eat when at home. But I will continue to make healthy choices and not eat that much while trying to enjoy myself as this is a vacation.

Till tomorrow! <3

The beautiful water of South Padre Island

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day One on Vacation

Today we did a partial tour of San Antonio. We went to the Alamo, walked the Riverwalk, went to the Mercado, went to a second Mission, ate dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, and fell in total love with Yogurt Zone frozen yogurt that is no sugar added and comes with an array of toppings options including fresh berries!!!! I love Joe's and Yogurt Zone and can't wait till Sunday when we can eat there again before we head home!

My diet was good yesterday, I ate healthy and made protein a priority. I need to make certain that I get in enough water while I am down here because it is 100+ degrees outside! I took my vitamins and Metamucil. Overall a good day, but I only consumed 700 calories and that should be 800- skipping breakfast does that every time.

For breakfast I ate: tea with quarter cup 1% milk, 7 oz spicy tomato juice, and 1tbs of raw nuts.

For lunch I ate: quarter cup of melon, 1/2 of a all vegetable salmon roll(no rice rather wrapped in lettuce), and a bit later half a cup of vanilla frozen Yogurt from Yogurt Zone with fresh berries.

For dinner I ate: one clump(half an order) of snow crab cooked in Joe's Crab Shack's special spice mix, three pieces of zucchini, and 6 medium shrimp.

Below I have include some pictures of my day. I will do this daily if I can or at least update you all and let you know I am alive.

Like Lil' Wayne said "sorry for the mothafuckin' wait!"

Josie at Yogurt Zone enjoying her Frozen Yogurt

Josie and me on the Riverwalk in San Antonio

Me at the Alamo

Me at the Mercado

Joe's Crab Shack for dinner

Till tomorrow! <3

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome Back everyone!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post, a long while. I know I am a horrible blogger. But I am back after one summer month off I am back- even now that I am on vacation in Brownsville, TX. I just want everyone to know that I was not posting because I was just really busy between tending to my new pup, prepping for vacation, monitoring and analyzing my diet, working out, and trying to squeeze in some fun during my first month of vacation.

As for my progress I made my first goal early in July of reaching 220lbs. I made a second goal of reaching 210lbs when Josie and I left for vacation and I just got there- but I did it! And my next small goal is to get to onderland by the time school starts in September. I have lost 75lbs in total and want to lose about 70 more pounds but that can change as I get closer to that realm.

My 5k goal has been put on hold till I get below at least 200 to be as easy on my joints as possible. And I have not started Yoga yet, but as soon as I hit onderland I am going to order P90x and start that program. When I finish that I should be more than ready to start the 5k training and it includes some Yoga work to start that.

As for my current exercise I go to the gym at least 5 days a week and do 35-45 minutes of cardio, 20-40 minutes of lifting, and 15 minutes of stretching and ab work. On the days I don't go to the gym I still do something like walk, mow the lawn or swim/walk the beach. Staying active is a priority to both Josie and me now!

I am really working on my diet and it is a work in progress. Protein first is my mantra, I have to eat protein before anything else. I do not eat refined carbs like pasta or added sugar. My meal focuses around protein and then two to three ounces of a vegetable side. For treats it's fruits, protein shakes, milk, a tablespoon of raw mixed nuts, cheese, or yogurt.

As I said I am going on vacation today and am really worried about being on the road, eating out, an not having my scales and measuring equipment as usually I weigh or measure everything. But I am going to stick to eating slow(30min per meal), chewing more than 25 times per mouthful, protein first, and no refined carbs, sugar, or alcohol. I may not be in my element but I am still in control of what I eat an how much. I still want to lose this week and gaining is not an option if I want to get to onderland by the start of school.

I am motivated and fully enjoy my new healthy lifestyle and healthy foods. I will not allow myself setbacks and this is a lifestyle that will always be with me- vacation or not!

Joe's Crab Shack is where I will have dinner on my first day of vacation. I researched their menu and compared nutrition info and Josie and I will be sharing the King Lobster Feast with me eating the crab and Josie having the lobster. We will skip the butter, corn, and potatoes.

There are healthy choices anywhere you just need to research, plan, and decipher the menu.

Till tomorrow! <3

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