Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Busy Day

Today I was pretty darn busy.

Yesterday the weatherman said it was supposed to rain, so I figured there goes mowing the lawn this weekend. Well, this morning I woke up and heard a neighbor mowing at 7:30am...wtf??? So I got up and checked the oil in the mower, then went and got gas, and then mowed the lawn for an hour and half (only got the front and sides done). Josie came out at around 9:30am and asked if I wanted breakfast, I said yes and had my first drink of water since I started mowing. Well, I was very thirsty....probably too thirsty.

I know I need to monitor my water intake and make sure I am getting enough in because the past few days I have not been. The whole "not eating and drinking and then not drinking for thirty minutes after eating" thing is really throwing off my liquid intake.

That is one of my biggest goals for the remainder of this week, to focus on my water intake- at least 60oz per day.  That, and to make sure I am posting all that I eat (with protein information) to LoseIt.com. Those two things will be my main goals till Thursday in terms of my diet. As for exercise....I mowed the lawn today and burned 700+ calories. Now, I just need to get my ass to the gym! Josie is so good at this, but she goes before work (at like 5am). I can not do that, not because of getting up early but rather because I have a very particular ritual for getting ready for work. I need to go after work or in the evening and after work would make the most sense since a Planet Fitness is on my way home.

My three goals for the week of May 8th:
1. Water intake of at least 60oz per day
2. Log all food and my protein grams count to LoseIt.com
3. Get myself to the gym at least 3 times this week.

Well, after mowing the lawn and running around today I am beat. Off to bed I go. Goodnight everyone. And Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Food

I just finished my lunch- Gerber Turkey and Gravy and Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon. I don't know if I am in love with it. It is bordering on me making my own or living off of eggs and tuna. There is just something about it that I don't know if I like.

On the good front everything is going down wonderfully so far (***knocking on wood***), I know that I do not have a fill yet, but hey I am neurotic about things.

In a previous post I mentioned it already, but I am really enjoying LoseIt.com. It is a free service and I like the social networking (ie, facebook) interaction it has and badges that you can earn. Corny I know, a grown adult excited about earning a badge, but I like it.

This weekend I plan on working on the yard a little tonight, going to the gym for the first time in a while tomorrow, walking around the mall as we have our bi-annual Kay's jewelry inspection, and spending all day Sunday with my Mom! I am looking forward to it.

While we are at the mall on Saturday I need to go to GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and find a good liquid multivitamin. I got the calcium chews- Viactive in caramel- already, but this weekend I was told to start taking the multivitamin. At Wal-Mart last night I saw these One-A-Day Adult Gummies, but they looked big and I don't want to get used to something that eventually when I get fills might cause a blockage. So, I am going with a liquid multivitamin.

While at Wal-Mart yesterday I also got Listerine and Listerine breath strips. After the LapBand you cannot chew gum anymore because they don't want you to accidentally swallow it and cause a blockage. I was thinking mints but Josie brought up the good point that I have a tendency to chew the mints after a few minutes. So, Josie said what about the Listerine Strips and that is where I ended up. To the main point of this topic- my breath is horrible. I mean it tastes horrible. Jim, my coworker who had the LapBand over a year ago said my breath stinking is a good thing because it means I am in Ketosis. Ketosis is when you are on a high protein diet and your body is burning fat rapidly, since the fat has nowhere else to go it apparently comes out in your breath. All I know is that for the past few days my breath has tasted horrible. So, I am now happily using the strips.

I think that is enough sharing for one session. I hope everyone has a great Friday! The weekend is here, lets smile! Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, a bit early I know but just in case you are too busy check in over the weekend I wanted to wish all of my dear Mommies a great weekend!


Nutritionist Appointment Yesterday

On Thursday (Cinco de Mayo) I went to see the nutritionist. I had many questions to ask her and I felt as though it was necessary to make the trek to Fairfield.

My notes from the meeting: 
  • One of the most important things to remember is that I need to eat three meals per day.
  • With the band I should remain full for three to four hours, after which if I am hungry and am not near a meal time then I can have a protein shake or yogurt.
  • I should be eating four ounces of food per meal (2-3 oz of which should be protein)
  • I can use as much condiments (ketchup, bbq sauce, mayo (light preferably)) as necessary to make food appropriately moist.
  • Always start out with protein and then move to vegetables and then if I am still hungry then have carbs.
  • Stage 4- I should be consuming 60g of protein per day.
  • Stage 5- I should be consuming 80g of protein per day.
  • No more than 30g of protein can be processed by the body at once.
  • According to the nutritionist I should be aiming for 900-1100 calories per day.
  • According to Dr. Floch I should be aiming for 800 calories per day.
  • Miso soup is OK and can be included in stage one (sans tofu chunks and seaweed)...wtf, could this have not been told to me when I was on the liquid stages!
  • Stage 4- the meat should be moist: steamed, poached, broiled or grilled in foil.
  • Stage 4: Ground Turkey in tomato sauce is good. Ground turkey & chicken is your friend.
  • Stage 4: Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Chicken Salad....I am feeling like Forrest Gump!
  • Stage 5: can begin introducing raw vegetables.
  • Stage 5: can begin introducing gassy foods/vegetables (broccoli/cauliflower/asparagus (heads only)).
  • Week 5: Chili or beef stew can be eaten
  • Contrary to blogs you should not be eating chips, it is a snack and no real snacking should be done besides protein shakes or yogurt.
  • With the LapBand you must be an active participant in the weight loss process.
  • With the LapBand you have to eat right and it is higher maintenance.
  • The LapBand is work, but you learn correct eating habits for a healthful life.
That is a snapshot of what I learned yesterday. It was very informative and I was told to make an appointment again in 4-6 weeks, after my first fill.

I am ready for the changes to occur and for the healthy eating habits to become second nature. I know that there will need to be a lot of hard work on my part, but I am ready for that. Bring it!

My Weight Chart

After much thought I have decided that I am not going to be posting on the world wide web my weight, while I know that we all are aware I am "morbidly obese" I do not feel comfortable putting my junk out their like that....yet. Maybe one day I will.

In keeping with my plan to post my weight loss progress and keep myself hard at work and honest, I am going to share every Thursday my weight loss progress for that week. So below you will see my weight loss progress from pre-op to operation day- up to three weeks post-op and I will add to this chart every week.

Week 1 (Pre-Op): -7
Surgery Day: -13
Week 1: -10
Week 2: -4
Total: 34lb Loss

So, in one month I have lost 34 pounds and that is awesome. Now that I have stopped liquids and am on pureed foods I know that the weight loss will slow down and that is fine. As long as I lose 2lbs a week I will be happy with that. That way my body will have more time to adjust to the loss and hopefully prevent any sagginess.

This is definitely a step in the right direction and I am feeling better.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recipe One: Mexican Style Salmon

I love Cinco de Mayo. I am not Mexican but Josie is. I am not one to celebrate St. Patrick's Day usually, but I guess you can say I like Mexican culture and food. As I'm sure you know tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, so I want Josie to make Mexican Salmon (which we both love), it is really easy to make and it is delicious. I was thinking if the nutritionist says it is ok, I will have Josie puree me up some and the liquid from the tomato and salmon should make a somewhat delicious puree that is Mexican oriented for Cinco de Mayo. Below you will find the recipe, keeping with my new plan for the blog on Wednesdays I will post a recipe that looks good, tastes good, and most importantly is Lap Band friendly.

 Mexican Style Salmon(made for 2 people)
2 Portions of salmon
1 Plum tomato- diced
1/2 of one small white onion- diced
Handful of chopped cilantro
Three Tablespoons of EVOO

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.
Get one large piece of aluminum foil (enough to make pouch out of).
Put one tablespoon of EVOO on the bottom of the aluminum foil and spread out.
Place the Salmon, fillet skin side down, on the aluminum foil.
Take all ingredients and put on the flesh side of the salmon fillet.
Wrap up and seal all corners to make a pouch.
Bake at 375 for 20-30 minutes, when done the salmon should easily flake.


Tomorrow I am going to post my weight loss to date and I am creating a chart to do so. Also, starting tomorrow I am going to post what I have eaten for the day. Right now it is really not too important as I am having protein shakes, protein shakes, yogurt, and maybe some pureed & strained soup. Starting on the pureed stage (tomorrow ;-) ) I will post in more detail what I am eating on a daily basis.

Also, if anyone uses LoseIt I am on there and you can feel free to friend me. It is an awesome program and it has a iPhone app and a nice website interface as well. Check it out at Loseit.com. It is free, tracks your weight, your goals, and daily food nutrition intake giving you a daily and weekly progress.

Have a good day everyone and I hope you celebrate Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!

My First Support Group

Hello, my name is Ashley I had the Lap Band 13 days ago and my last food bender is one day shy of one month ago.  That is sort of how the meeting started, I went to my first post-op support group yesterday at Norwalk Hospital. The support group I felt was really interesting and very worthwhile. I was the only one there out of seven that had the Lap Band, but the information and psychological assistance we need are all the same.

One of the things that was stressed in this meeting is that what you did before needs to be put behind you. I need to stop obsessing about my fears of binging or not being able to stop at one piece of chicken or whatever it is on my mind. I need to live in the present and concentrate on what I am eating today, not what I have done pre-band.

This is a really important idea for me to grasp my head around.  Josie says that I am stressing myself out about potential things, whereas if I concentrate on the now and focus on good eating habits, slowing myself down during eating, and finding other outlets for myself then eating I will be better off.

One lady talked about her favorite thing before surgery being Tab soda. She said she would get 5 cases delivered to her house each month by the distributer. And post surgery we can all no longer have soda or carbonated beverages, so goodbye Tab. She continued on about how it was a relaxing time for her, to have her break at work or after work where she would open her soda, get her glass, hear the popping of the soda can when opening it, etc. The process to her was therapeutic- along with the fact that the caffeine would shortly be in her system.

As I sat there listening to this lady I subconsciously started smiling, the group leader asked me what I was smiling about. I was smiling because I had been thinking about Double Stuffed Oreos and my invention - the Doublestuffedtini. The Doublestuffedtini is a mini martini class from Pier One with one double stuffed a little milk to cover the Oreo and then a dollop of cream on top. I would sip the milk and cream, while swirling the Oreo around the small glass like they do on movies, and then when all the milk was gone I would eat the Oreo like a shot. I swear Double Stuffed Oreos to me are like crack or heroin, instantly upon eating one I would feel the rush and the beauty sweep over me- and then all hell would break loose. I would follow up the Oreos with, logically, some more Oreos and then chocolate balls or chocolate bars, or anything I could get my hands on. Then when I had enough chocolate/sweets I would suddenly need something salty and then when I was done with the salt I would move back to "just one more Double Stuffed Oreo".

The memory of this makes me realize that I am better off without sugar, for now at least. Eventually, maybe a year or so down the line I can try to have a Double Stuffed again. Not now. I do not want to go on a bender. But, after yesterday I am not worried about it. I just have to live in the now, practice my good eating habits, eat slower, eat more consciously, and maybe take some pointers from Weight Watchers and their behavior management tactics.

Tomorrow I start the Stage 3 Diet: Pureed Food and I also meet with the nutritionist at 4pm in Fairfield. I know that I can have eggs (or an egg) scrambled, so I may have that tomorrow morning if I am feeling adventurous. Or I may wait till after I meet with the nutritionist, but I must be honest the idea of an egg right now does sound really nice. I am highly looking forward to the egg and pureed food.

I am really starting to feel better. I am looking forward to making more progress both physically and psychologically. Moving forward and not looking back!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Life Cycle

It has been almost one month and I believe that I have finally come to terms with the loss of my good friend, Chocolate. The grieving process is different for everyone and now is when I feel ready to say "goodbye".

Oh, Chocolate you have been there with me through goods times, happy times, bored times, heh- anytime.  I loved Chocolate and her ever so sweet ways, the way she melted on the tongue and made my heart flutter. I could go on for hours about my former friend, my former love.

imgres.jpeg reesterbunny.jpg  imgres.jpeg

I would now like to "pour one out" from my protein shake for my homie Chocolate. You were a good friend, but it was just your time. We must let go. So long my love!

As for every death there is a rebirth in order to keep the life cycle in balance. And with the death of my dear pal Chocolate came the birth of my new friend, my new best friend-Bob the Band.

Yes, after almost two weeks I have decided on the name for my new best friend. Bob is named after Bob the Trainer; he is strong, fit, highly motivated, Zen-like, likes green living, and is overall a really good person. That is all part of what I strive to be like and hopefully my Bob will help me and guide me along in this process.

So, everyone say "hello" and welcome into our lives Bob the Band. He will be with my 24/7 365- so we all better get on good terms.

As for my day today, it was not so bad. At work it was meeting day, but I had a shake for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, and then pureed and strained soup for dinner. I have decided that I am going to start posting what I eat everyday along with the calories I have eaten for the day. On Thursday I will start a running log of my weight loss on here. I weigh myself on Thursdays so my Thursday post will include my weight progress for the week. On Wednesdays I will start posting an interesting recipe each week.

Tentative Weekly Schedule

Sunday- Weekend wrap-up
Monday- Manic Monday Post
Tuesday- Hobby Progress Post
Wednesday- New Recipe of the Week
Thursday- Weight-in/Weight Progress Post
Friday- Freaky Friday Post
Saturday- Exercise Weekly Update

Well, this has definitely been my Manic Monday posting, a lot of different topics but hey stuff I needed to  get out there. On Wednesday I have my Nutritionist appointment so that will be part of my Wednesday post.

Goodnight everyone.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Dinner

Today is Sunday and that means that in my family it is Sunday Dinner. My mother, an awesome cook, made a great "summer style" meal of grilled chicken, potato salad, tuna pasta salad, cole slaw, and corn. For dessert it was pound cake with berries or pudding cake. It looked like an awesome meal, smelled like an awesome meal, and everyone said that it was an awesome meal.

I ate Cream of Mushroom soup and Jell-O with a little milk mixed in. I do not mind being around all of the good food. I know that at this point I can not have it, so I do not. It is not a problem. What worries me in the back of my mind is that although it is not a problem now, what about when I can have a piece of chicken(without skin of course)?

Will I mentally be ok with 2oz of meat? I mean we know for a fact that I can make it physically as I have been on liquids for over three weeks and have not died yet. But, there is still such a mental aspect to this and although 70% of the time I think I have a grasp on it right now, I still worry about once I can start eating food and my ability to control my own form of demons.

I am beginning to wonder if on top of my nutritionist appointment I plan on making for this week if I should make an appointment for the Behavior Psychologist for sometime soon. I am going to a 0-6 month Post-Op Support Group on Tuesday at Norwalk Hospital and Josie said she would go with me for support. She is so very sweet. I know the majority of this is mental and I need to address this, because I will not fail. There is no going back this time!

Goodnight everyone. I am going to bed early because I am waking up at 5am tomorrow. I want to get used to getting up at that hour so that I can make time for making breakfast and eating breakfast (30 minutes allotted to eat a meal) starting on Thursday when I can move onto the Pureed Stage!

Off to bed I go. Till tomorrow. <3