Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Post Is For Steve

I have had a relatively relaxing day. My Dad and Doug came over and removed a gigantic tractor tire from my back yard, took the old dressers from our bedroom, mowed the lawn, and sprayed for spiders around the foundation (cause Mama does not like spiders). I worked on my fathers website and got his Pest page up and running, worked on my Lose It! page since I have to start tracking my 800 calories each day, and made Josie and me lunch and dinner. Beyond that I have been chilaxing and watching Ghost Whisperer with Josie.

I am not doing a good job getting my liquids in today. It is 10pm, I have a 300 calorie deficit (meaning I need to eat 300 more calories), and I have not even drank enough water today. I don't know.... I need to get on it though. I have to say that the cream soup type things I am eating are not as great as I thought they would be.

Tonight I made myself this Cheddar and Broccoli 98% Fat Free soup in a 50/50 mixture of soup with skim milk. I do not think that I ate it too fast, as I was just dipping the spoon in licking the little that was on there.  But I could not even finish the little bit of soup that I had after it cooked down and I was very gassy, I kept burping. I don't know, maybe it was the broccoli. Maybe, I ate too fast. I guess only time will tell, but it didn't taste horrible- so that was a small plus.

I am thinking of making an appointment to see the nutritionist again, as I feel as though I have many questions about the diet and now that I am getting closer to the eating food again (Thursday I start pureed food/baby food) that it might be helpful. I am thinking I will call on Monday to see if I can make an appointment for this week.

That is all for tonight. And Steve this post was for you and thank you for keeping me motivated. Love you Steve!

Good night!

Friday, April 29, 2011

My First Appointment with Dr. Floch Post-Op

Today I had my first Post-Op appointment with Dr. Floch in Norwalk. It was short and sweet. The butterfly bandages over the incisions came off and all of the incisions look excellent. I can also rest easy that my stomach is OK after my mishap at Ikea on Wednesday when I irritated my muscle, he said all seemed fine with the port....so no worries there.

I was told to advance to Stage 2 Diet- Full Liquids and that every Thursday I should advance to the next diet phase. So now I am able to have milk, protein shakes, cream of _______ soup diluted with skim milk, light yogurt (with no fruit particles), and all of the clear liquids from last week. And that my daily caloric intake should be 800.

Yesterday, I posted about my excitement to have cream of chicken soup well today I had it. It was "aight". I diluted half of cup of the cream of chicken with half a cup of skim milk, heated it, and then strained all the chicken out of it. When I tried it.....there was just something missing in taste.....not as good as I thought.......but it satisfied me and I could not even finish it. There was about a quarter of a cup left from my cup that I started out with.

All in all not a bad day. Well, till tomorrow I bid you all a goodnight.

LapBand Talk

I was just on LapBand Talk now and I was reading a post from two people who had surgery on the same day as me (cool I thought) and then they started talking about having crackers with their soup, adding cheese to it, and eating half a meatball!

Now, I'm not certain about these two members but I had the Lap Band because I wanted to change my eating habits and needed help. I think cheating in the first week post-op is pretty damn stupid. I am too worried to even put hot sauce in my broth never mind eating a cracker or a meatball. Why don't we just eat a damn pizza together and wash that down with bucket of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? I mean it worked for us so well in the past!!!

Maybe this is where I get obsessive, but I follow the rules. And if the rules say clear liquids only then that is what this sister does. I guess people are different and I know I have issues with foods and trigger foods. I know that I need to see a Behavior Psychologist and go to support groups to come to terms with my food issues. But to cheat this early really makes me want to slap them, we have been given this chance to change ourselves physically and mentally...why fuck it up for a cracker or half a meatball?

To each his or her own, but I think it shows the psychological aspects of food and the power food has over people. That has changed for me, food will not control me anymore and I will not cheat the band or myself for a fucking cracker or meatball!

I'm done with this rant, but I needed to get this off of my chest.

Completed Ikea Dresser

The Hemmes 3 Drawer Dresser in Red from Ikea
Josie Completed in in under 2 hours. Tonight she has the second one to put together.  Fun!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Week Post-Op!

It has been one week since my surgery. I am doing pretty well, the pain is there but not horrible anymore (unless I am a moron) and I am down 8lbs. for the week. That is a really good weight loss even when considering I have been eating nothing but jello, broth, protein water, and watered down juice. And tomorrow I go for my one week post-op doctors visit.

I am so excited because tomorrow I should get the OK to start on full liquids, which means that for the next week I would get to enjoy fat free milk, lite protein shakes, and fat free cream of chicken soup! Yes, I know how pathetic I sound, but really if I have to consume one more bowl of boring broth I may just lose my mind. I know I should be used to it by now, but at least before surgery I would add some cilantro and hot sauce to it for a little spice and adventure. Right now I am too scared to try anything so drastic with my "new stomach". So it has been boring broth, but tomorrow I will have a cup of cream of chicken soup and probably be on Cloud 11, since Cloud 9 just won't be good enough!

Something that I realized today- after next weeks "full liquid diet" I will have been on a liquid diet for one month! No food for one month!! Take that Survivor assholes, bet you couldn't do that! LOL.

Well, Josie has been putting together that Ikea dresser and I have to say it is real wood (I didn't know), looks solid, and actually looks really nice. Now,  Pancho V. better not do his "trick" on these dressers or he may be banished from the bedroom forever!

Oh...how could I do that. He is so sweet and cute, but he did ruin a dresser....although it was for the best since it was a cheap pressboard type dresser. Maybe Pancho just has good taste and did not like the drab look of the dressers we had...so that would mean to save us he had to ruin the dressers.....it was in our best interest that he did what he did! Exactly, my son- Pancho Villa- the savior of our house's interior design. Yes, that is it. I could never banish a savior from my bedroom....I mean our bedroom. ;-)

Well, tomorrow is a big day and I need to rest. Up at 5am to watch the Royal Wedding (yes, I am that dork!) and then to my doctors in Norwich for my appointment. After that I will meander my way around the shoreline. Till tomorrow. Peace and <3

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Good Day and Then A Stupid Moment

I went back to work today and had a pretty good day. I stayed until 3:45, longer than I had anticipated because of a meeting, but all-in-all, I was able to handle the pain and stress that came along with my day today. So I am feeling better.

Then after work Josie and I went to BJ's in North Haven to pick up Skittles for my boss and then decided to check out Ikea. A side note, Josie had the Stuffed Salmon with some sort of broccoli/spinach/potato thingy, and vegetables- I know I am food deprived right now but it really did not look that bad....I would even say it looked good.

Now back to my story of my stupid moment, so we were there looking for a dresser. It is a long story why we need a new dresser, but if any of you know my dear Pancho V. then that should explain it. So, we ended up deciding on getting two Hemmes 3 Drawer dressers in Red (more of an antiqued red then a bright "I'm a hooker type red").

The stupid part came when we went to pick it up, so we went to get a flat bed thingy and went over to the location according Ikea's warehouse perfect system and there was five boxes of the dressers. I did not like the look of the top one so I decided to move it. I tried to do so gently as to not hurt the box. Well, in doing that I think I tweaked a muscle in my stomach because now my side hurts. Not a horrible, OH MY GOD- I'M BLEEDING FROM THE INSIDE- GET ME TO A HOSPITAL- hurt, but just a dull tweak that reminds me that I am not 100% or even 75% and that I should not be a jackass.

Well, needless to say we tipped the gentleman at the loading area who easily loaded both into the car for us and they are now nestled gently in the back of the CR-V waiting for my dear Father or perhaps a friend to unload it for us tomorrow. I will not injure myself severely to get a damn dresser into the house for it to sit here till the weekend when we have time to put it together.

We all know how Ikea stuff is to put together; "two hours to complete" turns into five hours and one trip to the emergency room followed by a trip to the package store and an ad on Craigslist for someone to put it together for $50. But Josie wants to put it together, yes she is the more macho one in many ways, so she can have fun with that. I will cook her lunch and dinner and catch up on laundry or rest or something!

Well, I am going to call my dear Father and see if he can come up tomorrow night, then I will check on Josie in the basement organizing things on a new shelf we got, and then this sister is taking a full dose of my "happy/pain free elixer" and go to bed.

Till tomorrow. Love you all and please figure out how to follow me. Nite.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Day

I stayed home from work today and rested. I only left the house to go to Wal-Mart, Target and to bring Josie to the Dentist. 

At Wal-Mart I finally found the liquid tylenol for adults that they took off of the shelf because of the whole "mold" issue. I'm not certain if this Wal-Mart just didn't take them off the shelf or if it is "all good" now but either way.....I got my liquid tylenol! I also found my Gas-X Strips that I needed. As my sister Tiffany would say "Score....a direct hit!" LOL.

From Target, I got the strainer I needed and my grill pan that I have wanted but could not locate. Heaven!

Then we came home and I made Josie dinner- Cod with a Greek Yogurt and Dill/Chive Dressing and a Cesar Salad. I had my chicken broth and half a container of Jell-O.  It smelled awesome (the Cod, not my Jell-O, lol) and Josie said it was really good. And I got to use one of my new pans! Life is grand.

When I talked with my Mother this evening she said "how can you cook, isn't that torture?" And I told her that A) I feel bad that Josie is being so sweet and only eating sandwiches or broth that she deserved something nice to eat. B) Food really does not bother me any more, especially right now since I am not hungry. Maybe once the hunger kicks in when my stomach has healed more then I will be miserable. But right now I like cooking and it doesn't bother me at all. (My mother is so sweet, she felt bad all day on Easter Sunday because of the food and I was really fine..I love her so much! I have the best parents.)

I have also decided that I am going to start collecting recipes to share on here that are Lap-Band friendly. I have pulled some recipes out of my favorite magazines and will modify where necessary for Lap-Band living. 

Well, thats all for tonight I have to go call into work and tell them that I will be returning tomorrow. I will be leaving at 2:05 on the dot, but I will be in. I am feeling more like myself with only fleeting moments of weakness. Be cautious people....Ashley is almost back!

Monday, April 25, 2011

First Day Back to Work

Today was my first day back to work, four days post-op, and I think this may have been a little bit too early. I am still a little sore and walking around a lot and talking in my "teacher voice" is a little difficult. I have decided that I am taking a half day today and most likely won't come in for Tuesday. I know that I could make it through another day, but I think it will be better for my recover (and my mental health) if I take my first official sick day of the year. I know I am amazing or as Joe and my sister like to call me a "kiss ass".

I went to Target today after work to look for some more Gas-X strips, which by the way are impossible to find and I'm still on the look-out for, and I ended up leaving with the cutest little children's plates ever. I got the sloted tray plates in pink and blue and the matching bowls, plates, and drinking cups for both sets. I know...cutest....thing....ever!

I also picked up this 4qt Deep Saute Pan by Giada, I read that the deep saute pans are good for many cooking methods like poaching and braising. I don't know if this is true, but I know that I will need to braise and poach and do whatever it takes to keep my meat as moist as possible.

And for the best purchase.......an OXO fish turner- a special turner just to flip fish and fish cakes. And I will be eating a lot of fish in the near future. So this is exciting to me.

I realized one thing that I forgot to get that I will actually need in the nearer future is a strainer, so that I can strain my Cream of Chicken soup in the 2nd Food Stage that should start for me on Friday. Woo hoo!

A funny thing, I am still not that hungry. I hope that this stays until Friday, I would loathe being constantly hungry and only able to eat broth or jell-o. But we will see what happens. Only time will tell.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This is my first holiday where the point of the day won't be eating. Now to many this may seem like a no-brainer, but to me this will take time. It will be part of the finding other things to do with my time that I will need to do.

Now, I know once the liquid portion of the Post-Op diet is over I can eat again and some of this will not be so different as I do have a really supportive family that will help me and modify meals for me, but my days of gorging myself like a tick on a dog are OVER! And that is OK....a good thing.

I know I do need to find hobbies, I have thought of a lot of different things. I want to bike, but I have that whole broken tailbone thing so I don't know if that is possible yet. I would like to take up golf again.....but I probably couldn't start that for a few weeks and it is expensive (as I would need some clubs and green fees). I could do photography,  I like taking pictures and I do have an awesome camera. If anyone has any other ideas of good hobbies please leave a comment as any suggestions would be very helpful.

Well, I'm off to go grocery shopping with Josie and then to my parents. I hope everyone has a great Easter! Enjoy the day.