Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day Two Post Op

I am two days post op. I feel ok, a little sore and quite gassy from the surgery. I am hoping that this gassiness goes away soon. I know that it is just part of the process, so I am taking Gas X Strips and Tiny Tummies to help the process along. 

I am trying Jell-O for the first time. I have been sort of scared to try too much. I have been drinking diluted white grape juice and some Isopure Juice that is diluted down for protein. For some reason the broth, both beef and chicken, are just not appealing to me at all right now. I hope this improves as I have a week of clear liquid and although I am not hungry right now I think that may change within the next few days. 

I have been taking the Oxycodone Elixir for the past few days for the pain and it works, but it makes me tired as hell. I took a four hour nap today...and I don't usually take naps. I guess that is more like going back to sleep though instead of a nap. 

My stomach feels sore, I think it is where the port is. My Mother keeps asking if I feel the band and I do not think that I feel the band. I think the soreness comes from where they attached the port to the stomach muscle. Beyond that and gas I am ok. 

Tomorrow is Easter and I am going to my Mothers. This will be the first holiday of my "new life", I will be enjoying broth and juice. 

I have realized that I will really need to find something to do with my free time. Whether it is this blog, I really do want to expand on some healthy recipes that I found, or volunteering somewhere or working out, I just know that I need to find a couple things that will help me change my relationship with food and eating. I do like blogging, so I think that this will be a big part of that. 

Well, Josie is watching the original Arthur because everyone thought that it was a travesty that we never saw the original Arthur. I sort of like the one with Russell Brand more. And I love Netflix Instant Streaming....it is really helping pass the time. 

Happy Easter, everyone. I got Josie a iTunes card so that the holiday is not surrounded by food always. Another step in the right direction. 

Good night!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Am Officially Post- Op

Good evening.  I am drowsy as hell but at least I type this from my laptop in my own home. I was at the hospital for a while today. I got there 45 minutes early and they were running a bit behind so this meant I got to rock the awesome Bair Paws robe for almost three hours before I got into surgery.

I will post more details tomorrow as I am slightly medicated and very groggy but all in all I feel alright right now. I am in pain, but it is manageable. We will see how my first night progresses.

I am now going to go to sleepy land. Hope everyone has a good night.

The Morning Of....

Well, I am getting ready to leave for the hospital. I have ten minutes or so until my mom is picking me up.....I am getting a little nervous.

Wish me luck. I will post when I get home tonight. Peace. And Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pre-Op Diet: 2 Days Clear Liquid Only

Today is the first day of my clear liquid only portion of the pre-op diet. I have been on liquids for the past twelve days and have gotten sort of used to my protein shakes and one bar a day.....they actually started to taste pretty good. Now it is just chicken or beef broth (low sodium of course), clear juices, water, herbal/decaf tea, sugar free jello, or no sugar added popsicles. So far today...not so bad.

We will see what happens by tomorrow, will I have the same sunny outlook or will I be more unsettled? I actually think that the two week liquid diet has been beneficial. I can clearly see my problem with food, particularly sugary foods and chocolate. I have switched to using Truvia instead of sugar or splenda in my tea and already my perception of sweet is different. I get full off of two cups of broth and a jello. Now I know I could not live on liquids forever, but all in all my energy is back and I think I actually feel better than when I was overeating and gorging myself.

I am excited about Thursday and am ready to take this next step in my life.  I am finally ready, after backing out in 2007, I am ready to take control of my eating and my life with this tool- the LapBand.

Till tomorrow I leave you with Dr. Dre and Eminem's song that I discussed on Sunday. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dr. Dre's New Song with Eminem

I have been listening to Dr. Dre's new song with Eminem "I Need A Doctor" and I find the song to really be resonating strong with me right now.

For those of you who do not follow rap too much the song is basically Eminem talking to Dr. Dre to come back to rapping and get his life back (Dre hasn't put out an album in about a decade). In the song Eminem is telling Dre to come back to life and stop being depressed about different situations and to start doing what he loves again.

That is how I feel....I guess you don't realize how something is bothering you and totally affecting your life until you start to make some changes. Now that I am on the liquid diet and am so close to having the lapband, I see what being overweight has done to my quality of life. I would not say I was depressed, but I have stopped doing many things that I used to like and have lost some of the fun that made up my life because of being so overweight. Now, that I have started losing weight I am feeling better and see the giant fog that was weighing me down.

Back to the poignancy of the song...... the chorus goes "You've been gone for so long........I need a Doctor to bring me back to life" and as I am about to have a surgery that will change my life forever I guess I need a doctor to bring me back to life!

My Grand Introduction

For my first post I don't really know where to start. I have so much to say.

My LapBand surgery is scheduled for April 21, 2011- my birthday. I think that it is significant that my surgery that will help create a new me and a new way of life is occuring on the day that I was brought into this world.

That is why I believe that this surgery will be my rebirth- when I become a new person and most significantly my relationship with food will restart. This will give me an opportunity to start over and be a better person than I currantly am.

Currently as of April 17, 2011 I am on Day 11 of my two week Pre-Op Liquid Diet. This entails consuming 6 OptiFast 800 Protein Shakes, 1 OptiFast 800 Bar, and as much clear liquids (reduced sodium broth, diluted apple/white grape juice, water, Crystal Light, Sugar Free Jello, and No Sugar Added Popcicles) as I would like. The first day two days were not pretty, I day dreamed about food, had headaches, and was constantly tired. Currently, on the 7th day I woke up feeling a little better, not so tired.....and overall my desire to cause bodily injury to people for food is gone. Yesterday, I even went into a market and bought my wife a wrap, stuffed mushroom, and dessert...I got nothing for myself and was not that pained from the experience....think more Edward around Bella  now (if you are a Twilight fan).

This blog will be a venting board and my outlet during the rebirth. Hope you like and thanks for following.