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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekly Check-In 30 & 30.5

Week 30.5 Check-In

Hello Everyone!

I did not get a chance to check in last week for my Week 30 Check-in because I was too busy being fabulous! LOL!

Ashley & Food
Well, I have been doing good with my diet (except for a few exceptions). I have been eating a few carbs and treats on the weekends <I ate two brownies and two cookies on Sunday, and a small popcorn from the movies on Saturday when I went to see Breaking Dawn, Part 1). Carbs and sugar need to be kept to a true minimum because they don't agree with me (carbs=gas pains) and sugar ends up giving me a headache.

I have been eating a few treats, but I noticed that my mindset has changed. I know that if I am going to the movies and am planning on popcorn then I have to have a sensible breakfast and dinner with lean protein in each. And that is what I did. I also know that sugar is the Devil and it is a very slippery slope, you have a little and the next thing you know you are breaking into your sisters house for the next sugar fix. <and I'm not necessarily joking on that one>

It is all about balance! If you are going to splurge then splurge and enjoy, but know that you need to even it out by eating well for the rest of the day or week even. It is all about balance.

Also, brownies and me...don't really agree.  I had a pain on the side of my ribs (gas pain I think) that I thought was going to kill me. Lesson learned, carbs = no friend of mine.

So far this week (Monday and Tuesday) I have eaten really sensibly and had liquid breakfasts (that's protein shakes, not liquor) and small lunches and dinners (protein and a small piece of fruit). I have had a few Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mochas', and OMG delicious and 100 calories and 10g protein.

Weight Loss Progress
My weight has been fluctuating because of the carbs, but two days after the carbs I am back to my range of 172-174. I am three pounds away from making my monthly goal- by Dec. 1st I wanted to be at or below 169.9!
This morning I weighted myself and I was at 172.6, so it may happen...if I stay focused and motivated.

I'm getting there!
Goals For the Next Week
I need to workout (haven't really done that in over three weeks, I have walked but no gym) and I need to watch my diet (which I have been doing) and drink my water (which I need to work on).

Those are my goals and hopefully i will make it to my November goal weight.

My First Thanksgiving (2011)
Thanksgiving is not going to be a problem. I am going to focus on family, the experiences, and enjoying myself. We are going to the Mohegan Sun Casino Buffet,  so I will have lots of choices and I will choose the healthy ones. I have mentally rehearsed for this like a mofo'! I will have some turkey and vegetables. No stuffing. And maybe a small dessert (it is a holiday). Then Friday it is back to usual. It's all about balance.

I am cooking my own turkey on Wednesday night, so I know that I will have plenty of protein to get me through till the end of time. LOL. Never cooked one for myself before, so I am hoping that I don't ruin the turkey. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

And I have been doing a lot of cleansing and decluttering of my house and life. I have been working on simplifying and am turning to minimalism (trying to, it will take time). Every morning I have been saying what I am thankful for while in the shower and appreciating all that I already have. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I will share with you some of what I am thankful for this year.

My Thanksgiving Thankful List 2011
1. My family and my beautiful partner (I consider all of my canine family members in this as well)
2. My good health and the good health of my family
3. WLS- I thank Anthem BCBS, Dr. Floch, and Dr. Pal for making WLS possible this year
4. Friends and a support system that has fostered my new lifestyle and my lifestyle changes
5. My job as a teacher and as a substitute rural carrier- having a job is a wonderful thing in this economy
6. Newly founded balance and control of my life from excess and the wanting of excess (food and materials)
7. My Mac, my iPhone, and my iPad <in that order>
8. A great upbringing- parents and family who always loved, supported, and educated me
9. The sense of humor I have been graced with
10. Appreciation of all the small things that make life great

Well, I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for reading and following me this year, for supporting me! And here is a link to an interesting article, I could agree more! The focus of the holidays should be your family, that's my focus! This is my first Thanksgiving since my ReBirth and I will be focusing on enjoying it with my family!

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