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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week Number 28 Post-Op Report

Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday! One more day till the weekend. Amen.

In Connecticut we got hit pretty hard by the Nor'Easter on Saturday and I was without power and staying at my Moms until yesterday. So, it has been a busy few days. But I do love spending time with my family and that was a good side of the storm.

My progress this week, considering I did not work out too much (besides Post Office work on Saturday, snow shoveling for 1 hour on Sunday, and playing/walking the dogs), was good. I lost all the weight I gained last week and more.

I am down to 176 even!!! woo hoo. That is a total of 108 pounds from my highest!!!!

On the weight loss front I was successful, but I also did well on the eating front too.

My victories this week:

Victory #1:
I DID NOT HAVE ANY CANDY ON HALLOWEEN!!!! I did have some extra chicken at dinner that night, but no chocolate or sugar laden candy for me. Woot woot.

Victory #2:
I have increased my protein, veggie, and fruit intake while truly minimizing my carbs and "treats" again. I am best with no carbs.

Victory #3:
I have stayed within my Weight Watcher's points goals for the week and have tracked every day. I have gotten in my water and vitamins.

All in all, I had a good week this week. Despite being crabby and not having power all has been good. Now, I think I need to get back into workout out or breaking a sweat to release some of those good endorphins before I injure someone or at least verbally take their head off.

I will keep everyone posted on my latest news with at least one more post this week.

But enjoy the pics below from Halloween and Connecticut's Snowtoberfest 2011!

Vampire Ash- didn't need much face make-up! LOL.

Family Pic w/ all pups during Snowtoberfest 2011

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