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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Updates- Thursdays

Hello Everyone!

To make everyone aware I have started a new blog, Ashley's Herald. Ashley's Herald is website that I will be updating on a daily basis and is integrated with a separate Facebook and Twitter for Ashley's Herald. I will still have this blog and my personal Facebook, but I will be focusing much of my efforts on updating Ashley's Herald with all the latest weight loss news and WLS news, useful tips and tricks for weight loss, exercise tips, motivational tips, and other information to help all WLS and weight loss enthusiasts obtain their best life yet!

I will be updating Ashley's Rebirth every Thursday with my latest weight and other personal tidbits. This is my personal site where I can focus on myself, my progress, my life. Ashley's Herald is of a more general site where I can help provide motivational and information news for all weight loss surgery people or weight loss enthusiasts. Ashley's Herald does have a focus on WLS as we do have specialized needs, but anyone interested in weight loss or obtaining your own best life yet will benefit from this site. So please feel free to follow along on this blog as well as on my new baby, Ashley's Herald.

If you have a twitter account please follow @ashleysherald or friend Ashleys Herald on Facebook.

Come back on Thursday for my weekly update for how I am doing on my personal path with WLS and creating and living my best life yet!


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