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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 27 Post-Op Update

Hello everyone!

This is my 27th week post op, I am one week past six months post-op and I am down 103.2 pounds. Yes, that would mean that I have gained 1.8 pounds since last week.

I don't know where they are coming from because I have been on track (at least not to the point that I should gain weight). I am not freaking out, but I figure that at six months maybe I hit a plateau or that perhaps it has something to do with my cycle. We will see in a week what happens to the scale.

I have not been great about getting to the gym this week, but tomorrow I have Spin in the AM and on Tuesday I took a 3.7mile walk to Starbucks in downtown New Haven. Tonight I am still debating whether to give Zumba a try or to just hit up WOW Fitness and work it. I know that I need to move so I will definitely do one of those two.

It is funny my new love with some things that I never really liked before WLS. I now love coffee, before I loved the smell of coffee but not the taste. I always thought it was some sort of cruel joke how I could love the smell of coffee so much, but the taste made me want to gag unless I added half a pound of sugar and some creme. Now I had two Truvia's and 2TBS of FF Creamer and I am good. My current favorite for the daytime is a Caffe Misto, but for morning time my favorite is a RedEye at Starbucks (coffee w/ a shot of Espresso). I can only have a small (tall) RedEye though because yesterday I had a Venti (large) RedEye and i thought I was going to sprout wings and fly. LOL.

I also love Brussel sprouts, cottage cheese, and plain Greek yogurt. It is funny how a lot of my tastes have changed, now I don't like really sweet foods. Six months and one week has created a lot of change within me.

I have been working on my new blog, Ashley's Herald and recommend that you take a look at it. That has been keeping me pretty busy and I have also created a meetup group for WLS People in CT. I really want to help support others in this process and in turn it is helping myself stay on track.

I am currently listening to the audio book Why We Are Fat, by Gary Taubes, and it is interesting to listen to. At times in the middle chapters it has gotten a little dry...sort of reminded me of some of my Econ classes back at Trinity but I am interested in what Taubes has to say about insulin levels and obesity. Taubes and I seem to share a common belief that for some people (and I am one of those "some people") that carbs will not react well with your body and will make you fat. He uses the metaphor that like how cigarettes will cause cancer in about 1 in 6 people who smoke, carbs will affect some people who eat it negatively and cause easy weight gain but not all. Interesting read and i will be posting a firm comment and review on the book once I am done at my other blog, Ashley's Herald.

 I will keep you all posted with how things are going with my weight stagnation and please check out my other blog at times, especially if you are a WLS peep.

I will post again next Thursday (or maybe sooner)!



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