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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meetup Group for CT WLS Peeps!

Hello Everyone!

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about ways that I can create a community of Weight Loss Surgery people. I have heard about Meetup before from coworkers and I have even gone to the site looking for Meetups. There are none for Weight Loss Surgery or Bariatric Surgery in Connecticut! The hell you say?! Yup, none! The closest is in Massachusetts. WTF!

With this I have decided that in a way to give back to the weight loss surgery lifestyle that has given me so very much and improved my overall quality of life so much in the six months that I have had it that I am going to be the jackass to start the WLS Meetup Group for Connecticut. And guess what? I did!

CT Weight Loss Surgery Activity & Support Group

I am going to link this to my Facebook account and as I get home and can access Facebook. I have already linked this to my blog (look at links to the side). I am in the process of making business cards <need to find a colored printer> and will be working on some fliers to hang up at the Doctor's offices and hospitals (hopefully they will let me). I will also contact my co-workers who I know have had WLS and get this shit rolling.

I have decided that for now we will try to meet twice per month on Saturdays (1st and 3rd) with the first official Meetup of the CT Weight Loss Surgery Activity & Support Group being on October 22, 2011 (LOL, I know it is not the first or the third Saturday, but heh I had to get this going). The first meetup will be a hike to at least the Tower at Sleepy Giant State Park in Hamden and then a coffee/tea run at Starbucks. I love me my Caffe Mistos, which I just realized are not special to Starbucks but are actually a skim milk Caffe Au Lait! I'm a real jackass!

Had to throw in one pic for the entry! lol!

Anywhoozle, the Meetup Group is official. We have our first meeting date and everything. I can't wait to share tips, healthy habits, cooking tips, recipes, favorite activities, and just my life with other like-minded WLS people. Yes, when I go to WW meetings it is supportive and I know I need the meetings, but when I go to my monthly support group with other WLS people we understand each other more. Our struggles are understood better, because while similar to any healthy lifestyle the WLS person is physically a little different and usually dealing with far greater emotional issues with food and lifestyles changes than most other dieters.

I want to help my WLS community and hope that I have more of a turnout than just Josie and myself for the 22nd. And I hope that I make some nice WLS friends who are interested in changing themselves for the better like I am.

If you know anyone or are someone who has WLS and live in the CT area please give them or go to the link above and join my Meetup Group and RSVP for my event.

Thank you!


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