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Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's official, 179lbs baby!!!!

The title of the post says a lot. LOL.

I know the flash was strong, but you can still see the number!!!!

I am officially in the 170's as of Thursday the 13th of October I am out of the 180's and into the 170's. While I am psyched about being in the 170's I hope to make my stay here as short as possible. My goal was to be in the low 170's to 160's by Thanksgiving.

As for my eating and stuff lately I have been eating a bit on the high side. I am averaging about 1000 calories per day. Which is on the high end of what my Doctor states. Some days it has even gone up as high as 1200! OMG. But I am exercising and on days I do spin I can burn 700 calories by doing that alone.

I do not think I am out of control in any way. I have been eating a big more "snacks" and having a coffee every day and that is where the calories stem from. I am eating nuts or fruits for snacks with yogurt. It is healthy and I am not overdoing it.

So far me and my doctor are very happy with my progress. I went to see Dr. Floch on Wednesday the 13th of October and once again he did not think that a fill was necessary. He is very happy with my weight loss and thinks that I am doing great. My cholesterol (good and regular cholesterol) were both on the abnormal side in my blood results. My good cholesterol was too low and so was my regular cholesterol. These are blood results from two months ago, so hopefully things have gotten better since then. But I am officially no longer diabetic (my A1C was 4.8 and before surgery it was 7.9)! Holla!

I am happy with my progress thus far. I do want to lose more weight, even though some people are saying I am good now. But, my goal is to get to 142 by March. We will see how I feel when I get there if I am happy with my body or if I want to try to lose more. But that is the number that I have in my head for now, I will get my 100lb coin from Weight Watchers and I will have lost 142 lbs total (half of my original starting weight)! Say what????

AND.... this past weekend was my friends Josh and Janice's wedding. I had planned to wear the same thing I bought for Josie's cousins wedding in late July. I had it dry cleaned and it was hanging in my closet for three weeks ready to be worn to the wedding. Well, on the wedding day (Saturday) I unpackaged it from the plastic bag it came in from the dry cleaner and put it on. It was ridiculous! I remember it being sort of tight when I wore it in July and two months later it as far from tight, to the point that I had to wear a complete different outfit. A non-scale victory!!! Woot woot.

Side Angle

Yeah, a bit big!

To close it all out I have started a MeetUp group for CT Weight Loss Surgery peeps to be able to get together talk, share, and maybe do some fun exercise together. The link is below and my first meetup is this Saturday October 22nd at Sleepy Giant State Park in Hamden followed by a Starbucks stop after. If you would like to join please do, go to the link and join and then RSVP to the event.


I will post pics and how it went this weekend. I hope it is not just Josie and me! LOL.

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