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Thursday, October 6, 2011

100 Pound Club!

Hello Everyone!

It has been official for one week now, I have officially lost 100 pounds since starting the Pre-Op Diet on April 7, 2011!! That is 100 pounds lost in less than six months, without a fill, just me and my minimally restrictive LapBand named Bob!

I am so very excited! I am down to 184 pounds, which not only is the 100 pound mark but also officially puts me in the OVERWEIGHT category for BMI and to think that just six short months ago I was not just obese but rather I was Morbidly Obese - and that just even sounds ugly "morbidly obese"!

184= 100lbs lost= officially overweight

What a day and what an adventure the past six months have held for me. To think that all of this started from attending a Doctors Appointment with Josie and Dr. Pal saying that she would recommend WLS for the both of us if we want to be healthy for our kids in the future. If it wasn't for that appointment who knows if I would have had the spark lit under my ass! Who knows if whatever finally clicked inside of me would have clicked?!

All I do know is that I went to the seminar and took the fast track in planning the surgery, no time for backing out this time around. But I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason - and it did!

I am so happy! I walk now and enjoy the feeling of my muscles stretching. I am taking Yoga, Power Yoga, and Spin classes. I get in physical activity every day of the week. I am energized and feel great! I have a much healthier relationship with both food and my body and mind. I am working on being the best overall Ashley that I can be.

I would not give one moment of this new lifestyle up, I love it! And finally at 28 years old I am really beginning to meet the real Ashley. And did you know the real Ashley has ribs and a hip bone?! The other day I thought I felt a growth on my side, it was just my hip bone, lol!

And yes, my humor is here forever! Some parts of me will never change while the other parts seem to just be improving!

Thank you all for your support! <3

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