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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's Up with Ashley This Week

Hello everyone! 

This has been a busy few days since my last post and will continue to be a busy week.

I have Thursday and Friday off this week for Rosh Hashana. So, Josie and I (with Steve maybe) are going to go for a hike on Friday afternoon. I am thinking of going to Devil's Hopyard or these trails in Meriden (but they close at 4pm and I don't want to get locked in).

The Gym Situation (And I ain't talking about Jersey Shore)

I am joining the Core Club in Durham tonight. I went to a yoga class there last night (5:20-6:20pm) and tonight I am going for a cycling class (6pm-7pm). I am excited. Then Wednesday I am going to the 6:30 Power Yoga class and if I find that I am not ready for Power Yoga then I will try the Cardio Kickboxing at 5:20pm the following week. For Thursday and Friday I will take morning classes while Josie is at work (Power Yoga or Cycling). Typically though I will not be taking a class on Fridays because they don't have last classes on Friday night beyond one Happy Hour Boot Camp class so I think I will hit the gym after work or before work.

As for the gym, joining the Core Club costs $40 per month, Planet Fitness's Black Card costs me $20 a month. Now that is not too bad for me since fitness is a priority to Josie and me, but my beef with Planet Fitness in Meriden (which I love, it is a beautiful club and so clean and nice) is that it is 20-25 minutes away from my house. Meaning I go to the gym for an hour and I am gone for almost two hours when you include travel. That sucks on a Friday night! Or a Saturday, or any day!

So, there is a Work Out World (WOW) in Middletown which is offering an awesome deal (2 members for $10 per month w/ no money down)! I know amazing! So, Josie and I could join and work out there when we want to (I will probably use it more on the weekends, or on Friday AM when they open at 4am so I can get an early morning workout in and still be able to enjoy my Friday nights!). WOW is only five minutes away from my house, which is a lot more convenient on a regular basis.

And since Josie goes to Planet Fitness is Guilford in the AM during the week, then she will keep her PF Black Card (allowing me to be her guest) and when she wants to tan I can still go and enjoy the gym- lets face it my white ass doesn't tan anyway!

To summarize, I'm going to join Core Club ($40), break-up with Planet Fitness (-$20), and shack up with WOW (+10 for two). Overall my monthly fitness bill will be $50 instead of $60 if I stayed with Planet Fitness.

That is my plan for now and I don't see a huge problem with it. I will miss Planet Fitness, but it is not 100% conducive to my time right now, especially with travel.

LoseIt vs. The Daily Plate

We all know my love for LoseIt.com. Well, I am thinking of starting to switch it up and use Livestrong's The Daily Plate. Often when I am Googleing nutrition on a food I end up at Livestrong's website, so I am thinking that perhaps I should just try using it. So, far using it is a breeze, their directory of food items is sooooo expansive. Even my BSN Dessert Protein Power was in there! OMG!

I would still have to track my weight on LoseIt, because they have my real start weight and I want my 100lb Club T-Shirt in 23 more pounds (remember I started using loseit two weeks into my pre-op diet so I had already lost weight so my weight is not all uniform).

But so far I like the daily plate and it has a nice app for my iPhone. We will see.

Clarity of Fitness Goals

I have decided the following things:

  1. I must work out for 45 minutes per day (at a minimum)
  2. I must go to at least two yoga classes per week (need the flexibility work & the mental down time)
  3. Spinning/Cycling must be done at least twice per week
  4. I must lift at least three days per week
  5. Starting in April 2012, I will start completing about one benefit bike ride per month. The first one being a spinning competition, SpinOdyessey in March, the first outdoors one being either one in New Haven in April or one in Norwalk in May, and from then I will complete one per month all gearing up for the 65 mile or 100 mile ride at the Closer for Free Ride in September 2012 for the Smilow Cancer Center of Yale. This is my goal and my drive. I want to complete these events to raise money for the causes, but also to give me some drive in my workouts. I know if I pace myself my tailbone can withstand, I just need to take it slow at first but I have six months to prep!
  6. Hiking will begin to take a bigger part of my workouts. Fresh air is good for you both physically and psychologically. And since running does not seem to agree with my knees yet then hiking and walking in general are my go to's for now.
  7. No excuses get the workout  in! Hike, bike, yoga, walk, spin, lifting, workout machine, dvd, kayaking, whatever- just get it done daily!

This is just a few of the things I have been deciding, researching, and putting into action.

More to come later.


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