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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Relationship With Food

There have been a few people in the past week who talked to me about my eating and that I should be eating more. My Mom, Josie, and a co-worker are just a few of them. They all know that I have the LapBand, so they are aware of my dietary restrictions.

I know that there concerns are coming from caring for me, so I have been in deep thought about this.

According to my Doctor I should be eating anywhere between 800-1000 calories per day. I average around 900 calories per day before exercise (which exercising in the past seven days has not been done-at the gym at least). So, I am on target with what the Doctor says.

I just wonder if I should be eating more. I don't fear eating or food. Or maybe I do. I don't trust myself eating cakes, brownies, cookies, rice, carbs, sugar, etc. I don't know if I could portion that out, and if I can what will the ramifications of my cravings be?

I have had tortilla chips (twice) and I ate them and enjoyed them (only like 8 chips or so) but it did not spur any cravings. So that was good.

Then there is the problem that if I am only to eat 800-1000 calories per day, where can I fit in the 50-100 calories per meal for carbs. If I am to follow the LapBand Rules then carbs and "treats" should be minimal.

I must have problems with balancing. I feel balanced now, but am I really if I do not eat carbs and sugar? But I don't necessarily want to. It may not be normal, but I feel fine. I am still getting some carbs from fruits and vegetables but I don't know why I would need rice or pasta. I am happy now.

As for calories, my doctor and nutritionist say 800-1000 per day. On forums and blogs I have read 1000-1500 per day for individuals in weight loss mode. So, it seems to be up in the air and dependent upon the doctor. I obviously have a more aggressive doctor. But I also have more aggressive results- 97.8 pounds gone in 22 weeks.

It is hard for me to argue with the results, but I do wonder if my body would respond better to more calories? I mean WW followers usually eat 1300-1600 calories per day and lose 2lbs per week, so on the weeks when I don't lose weight is my body thinking it is starving?

Sometimes I think that I think too much about all of this. Then other times I worry that I might be developing an off relationship with food. But I still eat and cook. I just do so in really small amounts to meet the Doctors orders of 800-1000 calories per day.

I do still enjoy food, and that shouldn't ever change. I do eat now more for fuel, but hey it should be good fuel. LOL.

This has been a rambling post, but this is the confusion that I have. Am I doing it right? Because even at the support groups I seem to be one of the only ones following the Doctors order of 800-1000. I don't know.

But in the end it is working so do you mess with something that is working?

On a more upbeat note, I need to lose .9 more pounds (less than one pound) to move from being obese to just plain ol' "overweight"! And 2.6 more pounds to go to be at 100 pounds lost! A-MAZ-ING!!!

Till later and please feel free to drop me some advice...or just some love!



  1. Absolutely, do what your doctor says above all other opinions! Certainly put more trust in the professionals over friends, family and random internet users. If you question your doctor, seek out another doctor's advice.

    That said, wow ...800 is very little!

  2. Thanks Kris. Yeah, 800 is low but it ranges right now from 800-1000 before calories burned. That is what the Dr. and Nutritionist say so.......