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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Karate Jacket- From 1993!!

This was my Tang Soo Do Jacket from when I was 11 years old and did karate for two years.

I loved karate and still do, it honestly bothers me that I quit. I know I broke my foot, but I should have kept doing it once my foot healed.

But the jacket was something that my Aunt Helen bought for me and I could never get rid of it. Even when it was just a joke putting it on. I would always put it on and do the Tommy Boy "Big girl in a little coat" joke.

Well, I was doing my coat and hoodie closet gut on Sunday and came across the jacket. Josie and I both tried it on and it fit- both of us! Not together, but we both tried it on and it fit!!! Amazing!

I guess this would be a major Non-Scale Victory (NSV)!!!

I am so proud of both of our progress! Amazed and loving life!

Front view (with action pose)

Rear View! 

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