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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Motivational Pictures

Mohegan Sun Casino, December 2010

Josie sent this to me last week, she had found it in her cell phone and wanted to help me see how far I have come in the past five months. 

Holy Shit! I am so proud of my progress and Josie's progress in our Weight Loss Journey. 

I know that I am very lucky to have such a supportive wife and family in this process. My Mom and Dad always make sure that Josie and I have special dinners on Sunday (usually fish or chicken) and that there is a healthy vegetable side. Josie doesn't yell too much when I come home with a new food scale that I had to have because I am anal and must accurately weight and measure all my food. 

And I am thankful for all my other friends, family, and co-workers who support me and read my blog and care about my progress. 

Thank you. 

I will always love me, I am a great person and I would love to be my friend if I wasn't already myself, but I know that I was not as happy as I could be in that picture. I was not as confident and happy as I am now. In that picture I was Ashley1.0. I am currently Ashley1.5 and I can't wait to be Ashley2.0 in March when I should be at my goal weight. I am always evolving and changing as a person and will continue to do so, but now my future is so much brighter and I look forward to knowing all of the future me's. 

I am Ashley, version 1.5, I like me, and I am an awesome person.


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