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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Quickly 160 Days Go By

A few days ago I was updating my previous post, The Golden Rules & Summer Goals, and I had to count out the days that I am carb free and the weeks post op and I am 162 days refined carb (table sugar and flour) free and 21 weeks post-op today.

In 23 Weeks (I did the 2 week pre-op diet) I have lost a little over 92 pounds and I have totally changed my life. I am happier. I am healthier. I have no real cravings for carbs, breads, sugar shit. I am good. I like exercising. Clothes shopping is fun, not depressing.

I am seven pounds away from being my lightest weight of my adult life (and really the lightest that I can remember, I know at some point I weighted 125 pounds, but I can't remember when so to me that doesn't count. But in 2005 I was down to 185 pounds for a brief fleeting amount of time, so to me that is the lowest weight that I have been, and I am close to that!).

I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to have this surgery and change my life. I thank Dr. Neil Floch. I thank Fairfield County Bariatrics. I thank Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield of CT. I thank Dr. Lubna Pal for motivating me to look into weight loss surgery again. I thank Josie for being supportive and fully embracing what some may call an extreme lifestyle change. I thank my parents for being so supportive and loving- like always. I thank my sisters, Tiff and Tamara for their love and support and continued interest in my blog. I thank Helen, Cindy, Steve, Sharon, Kristen, Nicole, and all my followers of the blog who help support me. And I thank all the bloggers and vloggers out there to help keep me motivated, because I need it!
Thank you all! I love you guy!!!!

At times it seems like I am not losing weight fast enough, but then I have to shake myself and realize that it has only been 23 weeks since starting the pre-op diet, 21 weeks since surgery, and I have lost almost 100 pounds. That is amazing! Simply amazing. It may seem to Josie and me (at times) that we have been eating like this and exercising forever, but it has only been five months. And we have come so far! I'll say it again, AMAZING!!!!



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