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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Golden Rules and Summer Goals

I found this post today, September 13, 2011 under saved drafts. And to think all this time I thought that this was posted. Damn. I sucked that one up. LOL. Anywho, I have decided to read through and mark in red how my summer progress actually went compared to how I wanted it to and then I will publish. So yeah, just be aware that this was first written in end of June of this year, about three months ago. 

This is my first official week of summer vacation!!! Woot woot!!<Damn, summer is over and here I am again!> 

I am psyched. I have ambitious but realistic goals for the summer and my weight loss/physical fitness.<Yup!>

I want to lose 25 pounds by the end of the summer. I think this is realistic, but with weight loss we will have to see how my body reacts. Currently my body is reacting very well, we will see. <By the time school started I had met my goal of being below 200 pounds, unfortunately I plateaued there for two weeks but eventually I have averaged out to two pounds per week now>

I have decided to take a break on the C25K program until I lose 25 more pounds, I think the running was a bit too much for a few of my screws and I need to lose a bit more to reduce the stress.<I think I made the right decision and will try running again when I am lighter. Maybe 160ish, I am thinking of biking and yoga more now for exercise other than my usual elliptical or ARC Trainer.>

So, I have decided to try biking again. I am getting my bike a full tune-up this week with a new tire, rim, hand grips, and Tush Cush seat. I left my bike outside for a month a few years ago and then I broke my tailbone in November 2009, after that it took a while for the thought of biking on my broken tailbone to not seem like volunteering for waterboard torture. I will take it cautiously, but I think my tailbone in ready and biking is easy on my other joints until a lose some more weight and can try running again.<Josie will kill me, but I got the bike fixed and only rode it one time. I was just too busy...doing what I can't tell you right now, but I always felt busy or it was too damn hot out! So I will modify my goal to now start biking more since it is getting cooler, I am also thinking of doing some of the Fundraiser Bike Races in 2012 (the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale had one this year, Closer to Free,  just this past weekend that I would like to take part in next year)>.

I am also fully adapting the Four Golden Rules of Lapband by Dr. Kelly M. Fitzpatrick. This is pretty much what I am doing already, but now I have something to call it.<Rocking this! Every day!!!!>

The Four Golden Rules

1.  Protein First. Veggies and Fruits Second. Carbs last, if still hungry. <I added this rule, not Dr. Kelly Fitzpatrick> 
2. Avoid white flour and white sugar products
3. Avoid any processed food.
4. Avoid any food advertised on TV
5. Avoid Fast Food chains.

Just to let you all know as of today I am 83 days free of refined carbs! I feel sooooo much better.<As of today, September 13th I am 160 Days refined carb free! Holy Shit!>

I also want to fit two physically active things into every day, ie going to the gym in the AM and biking/walking/kayaking at night. It will increase my physical activity for the day as well as letting me enjoy the outside and nice weather.<I would often fit in two things per day, but I did not do it everyday. I can say that I went to the gym every weekday (even on vacation) and/or did something physical outside everyday! I am proud of that, so 50/50 tie on success for this one.>

I also am going to give yoga a serious try this summer, I found a Bikram Yoga Studio in Glastonbury, CT and am going to start next week. They have an unlimited special for ten days for $20, normally a class costs $18, so this is a good deal. Then if I really like it I can try to go two times per week or so.<I failed, I am starting yoga now. I have my Zen/Workout room and am going to try to go to a studio once per week (I have found a few around that I want to try before committing to one studio).>

Tomorrow I go for my second fill, I am going to ask for a very small fill (1cc at most). I do not want any complications especially when on vacation in Texas at the end of the month (where it is very hot and I have read the heat can affect the tightness of the band b/c it causes swelling). I will take a more aggressive fill again in August, but overall I want to take it slow after my first fill experience.<Well, as of today September 13th I am still fill free. I was scheduled for an appointment for tomorrow with Dr. Floch, but because I now teach a class on Wednesdays until 2pm I had to reschedule and the next appointment in my time frame of after 3:00pm was for October 12th. So, that is when I may get my next fill- if I need one. We will see.>

Well, I'm off to the gym for workout one of my Tuesday!<I did go and I will go again today, so yeah for me!>

Peace and <3 to you all.

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