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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Georgia State Employees & Teachers Losing Weight Loss Surgery Option

Obesity Action Coalition has posted a site for people to support the continued coverage of Weight Loss Surgery for Georgia State Employees and Teachers. This benefit would soon be taken away from these state employees and teachers in Georgia.

How in a state that has an obesity rate of 29.6% in 2010 (one of the highest!) would they think of taking this benefit away from their state employees? Did they miss the memo that Weight Loss Surgery can eliminate patients diabetes and high blood pressure?

I had high blood pressure and diabetes before surgery and now I do not have either condition! Within five months, actually it was three months I was cleared of these health issues.

The cost of Weight Loss Surgery and maintenance is far cheaper than the cost of continued medication and care for diabetes and other obesity related illnesses! There is no reason a state should be eliminating this benefit, even if the economy is the reasoning, because in the long-term(and short term, because three months is how long it too me to be diabetes free and that is pretty short term) you will save money on the cost of medications and operations/hospitals stays due to obesity related health conditions. I hope the politicians in Georgia are thinking long-term!

And if it is the health insurance company doing this than I don't know what they are thinking either. Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield of CT has been nothing but supportive and helpful in trying to ensure that I lose weight and get healthy so they do not have to pay for my medications or obesity related problems. And that is how an insurance company that is thinking long-term should be!!!

The idea that a state or insurance company would be eliminating the option of weight loss surgery to its state employees is ridiculous and infuriating all in one little headline. There are other ways to cut costs, this is not one of them!

Stand up for your rights and the rights of others. Let your Representatives and Senators and whoever else know that it is not right that Georgia or any state would ever consider taking away the benefits to Weight Loss Surgery!!! Especially with today's obesity epidemic. Contact your representatives or Georgia's and give them a piece of your mind, that is what they are here for- to serve the people!!!!

Wake-up people! WTF!!!


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