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Friday, September 16, 2011

Bottled Watered May Not Be So Good For Us Afterall

What The Studies Say on Tap Water vs. Bottled

According to Men's Health latest Eat This, Not That  on Bottled Water the verdict is seemingly still very clear that bottled water is often just municipal tap water that has a few minerals added to it with a bunch of clever bottling and marketing attached to it- oh yeah and a price tag of at least $1!

The findings further show that often the bottled water is not as sanitary as the water right from your own house and the chemicals from the bottles can easily leach into your water if stored for a long time or in high heat. Never mind the environmental ramifications of what to do with all of the plastic bottles one the consumes are done with them!

Now, in a way I have been "blessed" with a cheap, or should I say frugal, wife. Josie does not like to waste money. So, I have a very large collection of Nalgene bottles (because owning ten of them at 15 dollars a pop still saves money over buying bottled water ;-p) and on a daily basis I fill it up from our house or the water fountains at school or at the gym. Drinking tap water does me just fine!

My bottle, with me every day! Work, Home, Car, Gym! We fly together.

I will admit that on a daily basis I do usually have one bottle of SmartWater that I buy in cases at BJ's- but this water is filled with Smart stuff, like electrolytes and stuff. Hmmmmmm, wonder if I am just buying into their marketing ploy....but I do think the water tastes good....and it's only one bottle per day. This may change after reading this article. Sisters gotta be smarter than the SmartWater marketing team!!!!

Don't fall for the hype and marketing. City/municipal water is what you are buying with maybe some added minerals. Take a multi-vitamin, buy a Nalgene or Sigg water bottle, and stop making Coca-Cola(Dasani), Pepsi(Aquafina), and SmartWater richer while we get poorer!

Water out of the tap is better than that bottled crap! 

Hey, I think I just coined a new slogan! Yeah, me!

Laters. <3

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