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Monday, September 19, 2011

189.8 and 187.4 In One Week.....Woo Hoo!

Yup. That's right! I got down to 189.8 on Wednesday (9.14.11)

Out of the 190's and into the 180's!
And by Friday I was down to 187.4. (9.16.11)

Booyah!!! Keepin' the pounds burning off! I love it!
I am so happy to see the scale moving in the downward directions. I am hoping that it keeps doing that. I am doing what I need to do (keeping the calories between 800-1000 per day and exercising daily) so lets hope the weight keeps dropping.

I am so happy! A few more pounds and I will be the lightest that I have been in my adult life, I will be just overweight not obese or morbidly obese, and when I get to 184 I will have lost 100 pounds since pre-op! And I feel great!!!

Amazing.  I am flying high!!!

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