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Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh, The Changes One Year Makes!

I was on Facebook chatting with Josie this morning in messages and I saw on the side of the screen there was this little section that was "On This Day In 2010" and it was Josie's status update from the same day in 2010.  On August 19, 2010 Josie was excited because she was taking me clothes shopping to my "favorite store" for school, which was starting in two weeks. Well, my favorite store was Casual Male, because I was sizing myself right out of Lane Bryant and Lane Bryant didn't sell normal khakis so that is where we went shopping. I remember clearly that when we got there at 7pm I was all pissed off because they were closed- they closed at 6pm!!! What store closes at 6pm on a Friday? Really???!!!

Well, one year later and one life altering surgery later I am in a completely different world it feels. Yes, Josie still took me clothes shopping but this time I could shop at Old Navy or anywhere I wanted to for clothes and know that I was not obligated to shop in the Plus Size Section, but rather could look at the regular sized clothing. Heaven!

I know I have changed in many ways in the past four months far beyond where I can shop for clothing. My priorities have changed, my health is first and I must exercise in some form every day of the week with the gym being a must at least 5 days per week (preferably 6 days!). I prefer to eat at home now, except sushi as I still do love me some sushi, so Josie and I have agreed to only eat at restaurants once per week which is a significant change from before when we would eat at restaurants or get take-out at least four nights per week. I have more energy and overall I think I am a better person, a better wife, a better daughter, a better sister, and hopefully a better educator (we will find that out in two weeks, lol).

I am proud of where Josie and I have come to in our lives in the past four and a half months. I could not have done this without her and my family & friends. Oh, what the difference a year makes- from size 3X elastic waist pants at Casual Male (size 26/28 +  at Lane Bryant) to size 16 women's in Old Navy.

Now to continue to fight the good and healthy fight!

P.S.- This morning I have officially taken myself off of the Casual Male XL, Big & Tall, and Lane Bryant e-mail list. I do not want anything they have to offer me now, I was stuck with them for far far far to long. Never again! Never! Not enough emphasis can be put on the word NEVER!!!

Till Later! <3

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  1. I just took myself off Lane Bryant's mailing list also! What a great feeling!