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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally into Onederland!!!!! And a NSV!

Taken on the morning of August 17, 2011. I am four months and six days out from surgery and down 84  pounds. 

I have my goal on LoseIt! to be 199, but when I saw that on the scale this morning (even with Martha coming into town unexpected last night) I had to take a pic and share with the world. I am finally in the 100's and not gravitating towards the 300's or firmly cemented in the 200's! Oh, happy day!

Now even with Martha in town today seems like it might be a good day after all! LOL. 

Also, for some NSV's (non-scale victories) I am a size 16 in women's at Old Navy in their khaki's and jeans and I fit into their Women's XXL Oxford shirts (that just one month ago wouldn't button at the bottom b/c of my ass/hips). I also tried on some men's khaki's and am a size 38/30 comfortably in their slim fit khakis or a size 36/30 (but they are a bit snug). 

Josie had me get my pants snug not perfectly fitting because, rightfully so, she wants me to get the most life out of the pants as possible before I need to go down to the next size. So, I am hoping that I can get until maybe the holidays before I need new sizes....but we will see. 

One question for all the women out their.......do we not need zippers or pockets in our pants? The zipper and pockets in all the women's pants when compared with the men's (which is what I am used to because that is what used to fit better) are non-existent. My iPhone (my baby and my love) just barely fit into the pockets of the khakis..... and the zipper situation....lets just say I will have to get use to that. 

I have added a picture in of me trying on a pair of 16 jeans in the Diva Slim fit at Old Navy. Can't believe that just four months ago I was barely fitting into a size 26/28 and was stuck shopping at Lane Bryant or Casual Male XL and now I can just go into Old Navy and pick out a pair of pants or a shirt and buy it! All of my clothes last night (four pairs of khakis, one pair of jeans, and three oxford shirts) cost $91, at Lane Bryant or Casual Male XL that wouldn't have bought me more than one outfit. 

Nothing beats this feeling....no sugar....no carbs.....nothing! I love my Lapband for what it has helped me accomplish in the past four months and what it will continue to give me the motivation and assistance to to finish in this weight loss journey! I am so very happy and thank you all (Dr. Floch, Josie, Mom, Dad, Tiff, Helen, Cindy, Tamara, Steve, Sharon, Nicole, Karen, and all the rest of you who are out there who are reading but just not telling me.....I know you are there and thank you too) for your support, motivation, and continued help on this journey. 

Now just 57.6 more pounds to go till I reach Dr. Floch and my agreed upon goal weight of 142 pounds. I can do it and so can you all too! Believe. I do.

Thank you all again. 


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