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Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Four of Vacation

Hello Everyone!

Today was a great day! I loved my day today so very much.

We got up at 7:45am and went to the gym. I walked for 40 minutes on the treadmill (I'm really missing the elliptical now!!) and then did some stretching. I also bought a souvenir t-shirt and towel from Gold's Gym that say Brownsville, TX- cool I know!!!

After that we went and got a family pack of Barbacoa (cow cheek and tongue pressure cooked in its own juices) and tortillas from Monterrey Tortilleria and we went back to Josie's grandparents and she had some on flour tortillas while I had a little in a bowl. My primary breakfast was a protein shake.

After this we got ready and went to South Padre Island to enjoy the beach for a few and to take some pictures. We got some awesome pics and stayed at the beach for about an hour. After that we went to lunch at Pirate's Landing again and we had oysters and I had Shrimp Ceviche! I'm in love!!!! OMG was that delicious, low cal, and high protein!! I love Shrimp Ceviche! While we were there I got my WW 25lb charm made into a necklace using parachute rope. I love it!

My new necklace!


OMG good Shrimp Ceviche!

We then went to see Josie's siblings again and on our way out we stopped at Moyo Frozen Yogurt and Josie and I shared a small yogurt, we were going to Josie's cousins wedding @ 7pm, and if we didn't have something at 5pm I knew by the time we ate at the wedding I would be a crazed lunatic.

The wedding was very nice and it was my first foray to Mexican Weddings. I had planned to wear my cotton pants and shirt with my brown sandals but after seeing everyone's outfits we went and bought a new pair of shoes (a nice pair I will wear to work and around after the wedding) at Dillards. I also got a Houston Texans Reebok SpeedWick shirt as a memento. It is awesome!

The shirt- love it!

The new Sketcher Shoes- very comfy(I'm a size 8.5 now, my foot shrunk!)

Back to the shoes and wedding- I like the shoes and my outfit fit me nicely. Josie looked beautiful in her black dress and we got our picture taken by the photographer and he printed them out on spot so we bought them 2 for $15. Josie's cousin asked her why she took a photo by herself, because.....see below, I am very white!

At the wedding we ate half a piece of chicken breast and half of a twice baked potato(it was small even by my standards, but very good). Josie had some of the cake and said it was very good.

After the wedding we stopped at Yoli's Taqueria and I got two chicken tacos and Josie got two tripe tacos on small corn tortillas. I ate one tortilla and just did not enjoy the corn tortilla taste anymore. The other taco I just ate the insides.

All in all it was a great day and I am now officially ready to leave tomorrow after the Flea Market in the morning. I want a Mexico green soccer jersey, Loteria stuff, and maybe some fruit from the stands. We will see!!

Till tomorrow! <3

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