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Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Five of Vacation

Today was our last day in Brownsville, TX and would include a five hour drive back up to San Antonio. We got up early and went to the Flea Market which is huge and has little restaurant/food carts and many stands that sold fresh fruit and vegetables.

I went to the Flea Market looking for a Mexico National Team soccer jersey in green, Loteria stuff, and some good produce. I ended up buying an awesome cel phone case with the Aztec Calendar for my iPhone, a new screen protector for my phone, matching jerseys for me, Lolita, and Pancho, a Mexico Jersey that is not your typical jersey and is black not green but it looks awesome, two Loteria cups with little cards to pick out (to use instead of dealing the cards), a case of mangos (8) for six dollars, and some Pumkin Empanadas for Josie. We didn't eat at the flea market.

Some food available @ the Flea market. Look at the size of that burrito!!!

We then went to Josie's relatives house for a quick visit and then went back to her Grandparent's house to pack as we had to head up to San Antonio early as it is a five hour drive. We left by 2pm, but not before stopping at Moyo's for my lunch- a frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. I found out that Moyo is a popular chain in Mexico and that is the first one in the US so far.

I love frozen yogurt and I am going to figure out how to make it at home using Greek yogurt and maybe protein powder. I wonder if there is a natural frozen yogurt place in CT- putting that on my ToDo List.

I was hoping to have Joe's Crab Shack for dinner as there are several in San Antonio and none in the entire New England region (I know, WTF!). But as we were meeting up with Josie's uncle and his girlfriend for dinner they wanted something else. So, very sad I was as we went to Mamacita's Cantina. Josie and I shared the Red Snapper and Shrimp combo that came with these awesome portabella mushrooms, an OK Cesar Salad, and frijoles charros (made Vegetarian style and without added fat). Dinner was very good but not my Joe's!!!

By the time we got done with dinner we had to take a shower, were not hungry from dinner, and were both very tired. So, that meant no Yogurt Zone for us which further disappointed me because I had looked forward to that an Joe's all week! Oh well.

I am very happy that we are going home tomorrow. I am missing the ability to make my own decisions about what and where we eat. I want to cook again and I am very tired of eating at restaurants. I miss working out at my gym and making it rain on the elliptical. I miss my bed, my house, and my puppies.

This was a nice vacation, I was happy to see Josie have such a good time with her grandparents. I had a few NSV's on vacation:
-easily fit in plane seat and the seatbelt!!! A reason I secretly feared air travel.
-was able to go into a regular store/stand and buy a t-shirt.
-my outfit for the wedding fit and when I purchased it three weeks earlier it was tight.
-my feet are smaller as I am now an 8.5 and was a 9-9.5 before.
-I easily met all weight requirements for the water rides at the water park on the island. (I though it was funny that I read the sign and it aid you had to be leas than 250lbs and I got nervous, I had to remind myself that I am far below that now! :-) )
-Josie and I easily made our connecting flight even when we had to run across the DC airport to get to our plane on time on the way down. Something we would have struggled with before.

So yeah, it was a good trip but I am glad we are on our way home tomorrow. I now want to give air travel a try more often now an maybe will take weekend trips if we can find those real cheap flights .......and a dogsitter.......oh Steve!!!!!

Till tomorrow when I will be reporting live from CT and typing on my laptop and not my iPhone. Thank God!!! <3

One last pic from our Vacation. Both the location and my partner were totally beautiful!

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