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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Big Week

Since I have been back from vacation it has been a busy two weeks now.....and I know no postings. I have been super busy between getting the house back in order, trying to train a Moji, working at the Post Office an insane amount, hitting the gym, working on Advisory for school, and maintaining my diet. I'm sure there are other things that I forgot in there, but that is the majority of what sticks in my mind from the past two weeks.

When I got back from Texas I was still the same 209 that I was before I went down and it wasn't until the week of August 7th that I started losing again. Last week I lost 7 pounds during the course of the week!  I don't know how it happened, if I was retaining water from the heat in Texas or the plane or something, but the pounds came off last week for the two weeks previous that I stayed relatively stagnant. Thank God!!!!

I am now weighting in at 202 and that means that hopefully by the end of this week I will meet my Mini Goal # 3 of being below 200 pounds! I am hoping and praying that those two pounds come off by Thursday (my weight in day for Loseit.com). My next Mini Goal after this will be to get down to 185 pounds which would put me in the "overweight" category for BMI instead of the "obese" category that I am currently in......but it is still better than the "morbidly obese" category I was in four months ago! It is sometimes hard to believe that all of these changes have occured in just four months!!!

I have decided that when I achieve Mini-Goal # 4: Below 185 Pounds, I am going to join the Lion's Den MMA Gym in Middletown. The gym offers weighs, a few cardio machines, yoga classes, boxing classes, MMA classes, and cardio classes. I have really gotten into MMA and UFC recently, there is something that is drawing me to it and it really motivates me to work out. I did martial arts as a kid at Middlesex Tang Soo Do Academy in Old Saybrook and every since I was five and watched the Karate Kid I have always been into martial arts and Asian culture (design, architecture, culture, and food). I originally had said that I would join Lion's Den when I get below 200 pounds, but I think my body would benefit from losing fifteen more pounds before starting a more intensive program than I am currently doing, especially if it will require more jumping and other joint pounding activities. I want to keep my body happy and have to be smart about what exercises I do between my screws in my feet and ankle and my tailbone injury from 2010. But a membership to Lion's Den will probably be my reward to myself for getting to 185, I am thinking I will join there and then lower my membership at Planet Fitness to the $10 a month plan (I don't tan b/c I am too white to tan and I haven't really been using the massage chairs too much recently). That would be about $100 a month on gym memberships (90 for Lion's Den and 10 for Planet Fitness) we will see how Josie takes to that, but that is my goal and plan for now.

On Friday Josie and I went to see Dr. Floch in Fairfield to perhaps get a fill. I didn't feel like I necessarily needed one, I knew I had lost about 20pounds in five weeks so I thought I was looking at a good enough rate where it wasn't necessary. I am under the belief system that I should save my fills for when I really need them and right now my body is burning the fat well enough on its own, when I get to the point where I plateau and need the assistance that is when I want the fills to be there. Well, Doctor Floch was very happy with the progress we had made and it was decided no fills for us this month! He made a comment about having us on his website which we laughed over, discussed my need for Biotin as my hair is getting awfully light on top (he said it is normal when there is such a fast and radical weight loss), and said that we are both at where most LapBand patients are one year out not four months out! We are all very happy at our progress. We have an appointment in September for another check-up and possible fill...but we will see about the fills.

I am going to start updating my blog with pictures and videos (yes I am going to try videos blogging or vlogging too- I have a youtube account already and everything) as I am finding food items that I would like to share. I also want to start a "What Ashley Eats" Section where I will update frequently with what I eat. I see a lot of bloggers and vloggers do that and I like theirs so I figured I will share with you all what I eat.

Finally, in getting caught up over the past two weeks we are now up to yesterday, Sunday the 14th of August. I had a late breakfast (one and half egg beaters with one soy sausage, jalapeno, salsa, and queso fresco laughing cow cheese wedge), then my protein pudding with peach for a snack, two tablespoons of nuts for a snack (no lunch), and then went to dinner at my Mom and Dads. Not having lunch was a mistake, by the time we got to dinner I was starving! My Mom had made these healthy Baked Eggplant "Meatballs" with eggplant, <breadcrumbs>, garlic, parmasean cheese, asiago cheese, parsley, and a few other spices/herbs. I had three before we sat down for dinner (each one was about one ounce) and my Mom was so sweet and bought Salmon for Josie and me. I made the salmon, but overcooked it <I guess it should have been 15 minutes not 20>, so I only ate about one ounce of the salmon. I ate about one once of steak tips my Mom made for dinner, and then had about three more of the Eggplant Meatballs (making it six it total!!) Now I like spice and garlic and spice and garlic....get the drift??? So, in my mind I don't see how the garlic in the Eggplant Meatballs did it, but I got a sharp pain in my chest. I don't think I was "stuck" but I got very gassy and had to burp a lot to get the pain to subside. I was still burping this morning and it is clearly the Meatballs that I am burping up....so either I overate, ate too fast, or it was the bread crumbs. I am thinking it was the breadcrumbs expanding in my stomach and me not being used to carbs at all. I don't know, but I do know one thing for sure and that is that I will not be eating ANY REFINED CARBS again for a while.....I mean this was just maybe two tablespoons of breadcrumbs! And I will need to eat slower when at my parents house and only eat at the table (not the three I had before we sat down) and LUNCH IS A MUST-ALWAYS! AND FINALLY, FOLLOW RULE NUMBER ONE: PROTEIN FIRST! I did not follow those three things last night and I felt horrible (physically) after that. Lesson learned!

Well, expect for frequent updates and picture/video updates now! I am not working at the Post Office anymore this summer except for Saturdays and I am in full "get back into school" mode, so I will have a bit more time to blog and concentrate on me. I love summer, but I am very much looking forward to being back in my usual work routine- even with the stress that the routine brings it is a routine that I like none the less.

Have a good day everyone! RTR- Remember the Rules!

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