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Monday, August 22, 2011

2011-2012 School Year Continued Transformation Plan: Food

I know that I needed to create a detailed food and exercise plan in order to continue my weight loss success during the school year. This year I can start off from the beginning of the school year creating healthy patterns and habits both in school and out. So, today I sat down with a notebook, pen, and my LoseIt.com page open and reviewed how many calories each of my meals is on a regular basis and then made a plan of when I should eat meals and how many calories they should be.

I know that getting up at 4:30am I will be hungry by 6 or 7am, so that means I have to eat something early (which I have read that it is good to eat within 30minutes of getting up), but then if I eat something early I will be hungry again by 9:30-10am. So, that is where I decided that I needed to come up with a daily plan for food to ensure that I have enough food prepared and planned for so I minimize my chances of making poor food choices while at work.

My 2011-2012 Transformation Daily Food Plan

  • 6am - Metamucil & Protein Shake (160 calories, 23g protein)
  • One Bottle of Water <25oz>
  • 9am- Cottage Cheese (4oz) with fresh fruit (1oz) (120 calories, 15g protein)
  • One SmartWater <33oz>
  • 12pm- Lunch Option (175-200 calories, 20-30g protein)
  • One SmartWater<33oz>
  • 3pm- Protein Pudding, Chobani FF Plain Yogurt, or Cottage Cheese (4oz) w/ 1 oz fruit (120 calories, 15g protein)
  • One Bottle of Water <25oz>
  • 6pm- Dinner Options (200-275 calories, 20-30g protein)
  • One bottle of water <25oz>
  • 9pm- Optional Snack (50-100 calories, 5-10g protein)
  • Total- 750-975 calories, 90-115g protein, approx. 141oz of water.

If I can do this on a daily basis and maintain a good exercise plan with cardio and weights I will be able to rock the weight loss this year and get to my ultimate goal before the end of March (142 pounds by March 6th ideally). In keeping with this plan my calories will be range at about 800-900 calories per day with over 90 grams of protein each day and over 100oz of water. This with exercise and my vitamins and I am living a healthy life. That is what I want.

So, that is my daily food routine Monday-Friday for the foreseeable future. On Saturday and Sunday I may sleep in so the day may look a little different but the end goal will be the same. Protein First. Small meals. Drink the water. Eat slow. Chew Well.

Tomorrow, I am going to work on creating my workout plan for the next six to eight weeks. I want to lose at least another fifteen pounds before I start taking classes, so my workout plan will be cardio, a good weight routine, and my stretching (gotta stay limber). I am also going to work on my vision board that is in my office, it currently just has my starting weights and measurements on it. I want to make it into a real vision board. When I am done I will post a pic.

Well, till later. <3

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