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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working Out, Biotches!

I have been working out like crazy this week. I am on week two of the C25K program, we had an appointment with the Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness on Tuesday, and today I used the elliptical and did a portion of the weight regime that the trainer gave us. I chose the elliptical today, because my right calf has felt like it is two seconds from catching a cramp all day......and I stretch after working out!

Good news is that I didn't catch a cramp, burned about 400 calories, and my diet has been good. I am eating a bit more than the four ounces- I have been eating about 5 ounces per meal, but considering that I have no restriction I do not think that is a big deal. It is all willpower right now baby!

I have decided that this summer I am going to try to do two-a-days, going to the gym in the AM and then either Yoga or walking, or something else active in the evening. It is my goal to lose 33 lbs before the end of the summer....ambitious yes. If I get close I will be happy as that will set me up for another 20lbs down by the end of the year and then I could be down to goal by my one year bandiversary. Now, I know my body works at its own pace, but I hope with my clean eating and sugar free lifestyle with two-a-days at the gym I will get close to my goal for the summer.

As for my eating, I am currently reading Jackie Warner's book and it is really good. It gives detailed explanations as to why sugar is the devil and not just sugar but all white flour based products too, because it all is processed the same way once in the body. I know that I can not follow all of her plan (like WW), but I am picking stuff up here and there from WW meetings, the support groups, nutritionists, Jackie's book, and the internet. Now, I have to take all of the tips I am getting from all the sources and apply them to my life.

My new mantra is: Sugar Free Living!

Get on the no sugar train......it's a great way to travel.


P.S.- Steve, thanks for keeping me motivated to blog this week. You are the best! Love you.

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