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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Support Group Tonight

Tonight was my second support group. I took notes this time so I would be able to remember more! And I did.

Today's support group was all about finding ways to deal with all of the various stressors of life other than our old friend "food". There was a lot of focus on LOOKING INWARD. Looking inward and paying attention to your feelings and body's messages. We also talked about building up a strong bag of tricks to have as alternatives when in the face of stressors.

The leader also talked about living in the present, not worrying about the past or future, but only concerning yourself with the present. She said that she once had a "patient" who was unstable and had many issues, but one day at a meeting when asked what she does to stay focused responded "I look at my feet and concentrate on where I am right now", so she would look at her feet and concentrate on being at the meeting. I don't know if I am going to look at my feet, but I think the idea of looking at something when feeling distracted or out of place and having that get you back on track is a good idea. I am debating my PowerBalance Bracelet or maybe my feet even......I guess I will have to see what works.

On the way home from the Support Group Josie and I were talking and she asked what do you like to do for your "me time"? I had to think......I like blogging this is some "me time", I am getting more fond of going to the gym or at least getting in some physical exercise everyday, I like my meetings(Support Groups and Weight Watchers), I am trying to start meditating, and I would like to start taking Yoga classes this summer- maybe once or twice a week. I guess those are a bunch of things that I currently do as "me time" activities. "Me Time" is very important, it helps make you a better person and concentrate on what you are doing at the moment you are doing it...making all that you do better just by taking some time out of your day for yourself.

And I guess that is what the whole support group was about- looking inward at yourself, living in the present, and finding whatever activities that make you centered and start doing them regularly...daily.

Well, I'm off to bed as I have the City-Wide Business Plan Competitions tomorrow and the zoning meeting after work. Fun. Fun.

Goodnight! <3

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