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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Quickie!

Today's blog entry.....get your mind out of the gutter people.

I was on target with my weekly goals: I went to the gym and did Week 1/Day 1 again for the C25K program, I did much better drinking my water, I am blogging, and I tracked everything in both WW and LoseIt.com.

I had an irritating day today, but I did not run to food. I had a Chobani with some mixed fruit, watched a few episodes of Ghost Whisperer, went to the gym, and did some grocery shopping. I was productive and did not turn to food even though I was really pissed off! <High Five for Me!>

Tomorrow night is my support group at Norwalk Hospital and I am looking forward to it. I am one more month progressed and hope to get some more advice from "veterans".  I really enjoy the support groups and WW meetings, the camaraderie is very supportive.

Well, that is all for tonight. Have a good day tomorrow. <3

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