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Monday, June 13, 2011

New Week of Fun

I have been going to the gym everyday for the past week. I have been doing the C25K and today was my first day of Week 2 which means that I had a 5min warm up, and six cycles of 90seconds of running and 2minutes of walking with a 5min cool down. And it was a killer! I was sweating by the end and I usually do not sweat.

My diet is going well, tonight after the gym I made dinner. I had turkey burger with scallions and cilantro without a bun and I made an awesome bean salad (black beans, pinto beans, grandules, and homestyle salsa. One good thing about life with the lapband is how long food lasts, I made two burgers and couldn't even eat 3oz of one of them with 1oz of my Bangin' Bean Salad.

I am proud of myself today, I resisted the urge to eat a piece of Jim's buffalo chicken (which is awesome, but made with a lot of butter and is fried....so its a "no, no") and I resisted my boss offering me cookies. I wanted the chicken and it smelled good but the cookies did nothing for me.

Overall a good day. I am sticking to my calories, getting my exercise in, tracking my food, and on most days getting my water in.

One day and one pound at a time.


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