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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A New Week and New Goals

This week is looking like it will be another busy one for me between work and my personal stuff.

Tomorrow night looks like the only day this week where I might actually have some down time. Tuesday night I have the WLS support group in Norwalk, Wednesday night I have a zoning meeting because of the neighbors wanting to split a lot behind us, Thursday night is my sisters birthday, and then on Friday I might  finally be able to squeeze in some free time again. On Tuesday at work we are having an end of the year food function and Wednesday is the City-Wide Biz Plan competition for my students. Overall, if I can make it to Thursday I will be good at work and in my neighborhood!

Even though I have all of this going on this week I have a few goals for myself:

Goals for week of June 5, 2011

1. Track my food on LoseIt.com and WW.com/WWJournal (yes both, but I like some of the features of both)
2. Get in 80oz of water each day (this will be hard, I am getting in about 50-60oz per day)
3. Really start the jogging/walking interval training in the C25K plan.
4. Irregardless of my days to-do list make certain I blog here
5. Give 15 minutes to myself each day to meditate.

Those are my goals for the week and each day I will update on how things are going. I look forward to this week being over as I know it will be a busy one, I know I shouldn't wish my time away because it is precious, but I am really looking forward to this coming weekend- who isn't?

Have a good night. Till tomorrow. <3

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