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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday, Funday!

Today I spent the majority of the day with my Mother and it was great. I love her so much and she does so much for me that there is no way I could show her how much I appreciate her in just one day. I am very close with my family and my family is very supportive of me in all of my endeavors. I love them so very much!

As for my food today I think I ate pretty well. I got in my water today, about 60oz, and am feeling better. I just need to make sure I keep drinking it. <taking sip right now>

For breakfast I had one and a half eggs scrambled with ketchup. For lunch I had chicken salad pureed up (chicken with several tablespoons of light mayo and hot sauce). For dinner I had the same chicken salad and one once of mashed potatoes. I am not finishing all of the chicken puree (serving myself about 3-4oz), but I am satisfied for several hours after the meal so I must be ok.

My Mom got me Atkins shakes at Wal-Mart today (160 cals, 10g fat, 15 g protein, 1g sugar). I am only concerned about the fat, but if they taste ok and have the protein I need while keeping calories and sugar in check it might not be that bad. I am really having a hard time finding a protein shake I like the taste of. Muscle Milk Light to me sucked. Today I tried another Protein Shake I got at Vitamin Shoppe and I thought that sucked. If I don't find something soon I am going to have to order the protein shakes I got for Pre-Surgery Diet online. So, hopefully Atkins shakes will be good and I will like them. And recommendations - under 180 calories, low fat, high protein, low sugar, and decent taste with out chalk consistency?

I am going to bed now, I have to get up early so I can make my pureed chicken salad for my lunch and my scrambled eggs for breakfast. It will be easier when I can just have hard boiled eggs, but maybe getting up at 5am is better.....it gives me time to eat my breakfast sitting down and allows me to take my time, which is important especially when I get fills.

Oh, tomorrow I am going to tell you all about my friend Steve agreeing to take me clamming and crabbing this summer, our garden plans, and our hopes to become great fishermen!

Goodnight...till manana!

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