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Sunday, May 22, 2011

People at the Gym

I been a non-active member Planet Fitness- North Haven since October of 2010, this week I started to go back to the gym (with much motivation from Josie). After going to four days straight I like it and want to keep going. I am feeling better.

Well, yesterday (Thursday) I went to the gym after work, before my Nutrition Seminar at Norwalk Hospital, and was planning on walking for about 32 minutes(two minutes longer than Wednesday).

I got to the gym, changed, and then had to go to the bathroom. I left my sneakers with my Senheisser foldable headphones in them on the bench by my locker. When I got back to the bench to put my shoes on my right sneaker was gone with my headphone!

WTF! Someone really stole my used sneaker (just one) for my older and obviously used Senheisser headphones! Really? This is my first week back to the gym and now I have to buy new sneakers and headphones?

Well, I spoke with the woman at the desk who said she saw nothing, but was nice and gave me a free lock for the locker. I gave her my name and cell number, called back today and still nothing.

Despite the loss of my possessions and workout time I still went for a walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes instead of my intended 32, but life happens! I hope whoever took it enjoys my headphone and sneaker, I hope the Karma Police catch up with you!

And one question I must ask; why didn't you just take both or just the headphones? Why did you take just one sneaker? You could not have wanted the one sneaker! It was used and size 9.5 in men's( yes I have little hooves!) Why?

I'm baffled and now I am a member of Planet Fitness: Meriden and will lock my shit up from this point forward. A lesson well learned for the gym.

***I thought that I posted this on Friday, but I guess I just saved it as a draft. Sorry***

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