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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Life Cycle

It has been almost one month and I believe that I have finally come to terms with the loss of my good friend, Chocolate. The grieving process is different for everyone and now is when I feel ready to say "goodbye".

Oh, Chocolate you have been there with me through goods times, happy times, bored times, heh- anytime.  I loved Chocolate and her ever so sweet ways, the way she melted on the tongue and made my heart flutter. I could go on for hours about my former friend, my former love.

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I would now like to "pour one out" from my protein shake for my homie Chocolate. You were a good friend, but it was just your time. We must let go. So long my love!

As for every death there is a rebirth in order to keep the life cycle in balance. And with the death of my dear pal Chocolate came the birth of my new friend, my new best friend-Bob the Band.

Yes, after almost two weeks I have decided on the name for my new best friend. Bob is named after Bob the Trainer; he is strong, fit, highly motivated, Zen-like, likes green living, and is overall a really good person. That is all part of what I strive to be like and hopefully my Bob will help me and guide me along in this process.

So, everyone say "hello" and welcome into our lives Bob the Band. He will be with my 24/7 365- so we all better get on good terms.

As for my day today, it was not so bad. At work it was meeting day, but I had a shake for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, and then pureed and strained soup for dinner. I have decided that I am going to start posting what I eat everyday along with the calories I have eaten for the day. On Thursday I will start a running log of my weight loss on here. I weigh myself on Thursdays so my Thursday post will include my weight progress for the week. On Wednesdays I will start posting an interesting recipe each week.

Tentative Weekly Schedule

Sunday- Weekend wrap-up
Monday- Manic Monday Post
Tuesday- Hobby Progress Post
Wednesday- New Recipe of the Week
Thursday- Weight-in/Weight Progress Post
Friday- Freaky Friday Post
Saturday- Exercise Weekly Update

Well, this has definitely been my Manic Monday posting, a lot of different topics but hey stuff I needed to  get out there. On Wednesday I have my Nutritionist appointment so that will be part of my Wednesday post.

Goodnight everyone.

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