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Sunday, May 22, 2011

It Has Been A Long Couple of Days

I have been busy the past couple of days! On Thursday I had my fiasco at the gym with my one sneaker and headphone being stolen, then on Thursday night I drove to Norwalk Hospital with Josie for a Nutrition Seminar. Friday I brought my sister my old Dell XPS 420 w/ Monitor and set it up for her, I went to the gym, and bought new sneakers (Nike Lunar Glide +2) at Footlocker in the Westfarm's Mall. On Saturday I worked at the Post Office, had to deal with Josie getting a flat in West Hartford while we were all in OS, waited in OS for Josie to get back with my Mom so we could go to Town Fair, put a deposit on four new tires to be bought in June/July (when we get another 800 dollars for them, WTF), and then watched Josie's niece and nephew. Today, Sunday, I would like to mow the lawn (if the weather cooperates) or at least go to the gym. I need to get some exercise in today as Saturday I did not.

After the recap of my past few days I will tell you a few things lessons learned from the past few days:

  1. Suppositories are not as bad as I thought they would be (yes, I left that part out up above, but I'm sure you get the drift).
  2. Water is extremely important to my digestive health and it must go in for poop to move out! 
  3. Do not leave your stuff unattended at the gym (even for a minute).
  4. I should be eating 800 calories a day according to the nutritionist at the Seminar.
  5. I need to cook smaller portions, otherwise I end up eating the same thing everyday, every meal, for half a week! I cook a small portion, but I need to remember I only eat 4oz per meal now so they need to be even smaller. 
  6. The Hype Is TRUE! Once you start going to the gym it will make you want to keep going!
  7. When one knows that your tire has a nail stuck in it, don't push it! Bring it right to Town Fair Tire where they can most likely fix it for $5.
  8. When you have to buy four tires it is damn expensive. 
  9. AAA Membership is a necessity, especially with how Josie and I drive all over CT.
  10. I have great parents (I knew this, but as my Mom drove 45 minutes to meet Josie in West Hartford on a Saturday afternoon with her AAA card, it was glaringly obvious how much my parents rock!)
  11. Even under times of stress and talking to people I need to make certain I eat slow and consciously. When on the phone w/ Town Fair Tire I ate my 4oz lunch in like 8 bites and it did not take 20 minutes. I was fine, but after my first fill on Wednesday that may not be the case if I do it again. 
  12. There is a big difference between Poland Spring Water "Sports Top" Bottles and a Kleen Kanteen Sports Top Bottle.  I had two sips out of the Kleen Kanteen and had instant gas, but with Poland Spring Sports Top I am fine. Interesting. 
  13. Nike + Running site is awesome! That site and LoseIt.com are my online and mobile support team.
  14. Be cognizant of other people and their feelings/situations, there is nothing worse than people who are too self absorbed.
  15. Every day be thankful for your life, all that you have, and the opportunity to start a new day with new experiences.
  16. Enjoy your life and your family (family is a loose term to me, it can include blood relatives but also your close friends and people who you choose to be around because you like them and they make you a better person).
  17. This blog has become very important to me, I missed writing and sharing my experiences.
I learned a lot in the past few days and have had a busy few days. I missed blogging for the two days that I didn't get to. Life is all about enjoying the experiences and learning from them. I have definitely learned a lot in the past three or four days. 

Thank you for letting me share my life and journey with you. Later today I will share my menu for the day with you. 


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