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Monday, May 9, 2011

Hunger vs. Bored

As I was sitting in the car with Josie driving back from Home Depot (quick say something gay, lol) I began to think about my hunger signals now compared to pre surgery. Now when I am hungry it includes stomach growling and a real feeling of hunger, before surgery when I was hungry a lot of the time I think I was just bored or not feeling completely stuffed with food.

When I eat now, I do not get stuffed. I am trying my best to listen to my body for its signals of "full" or "enough" and I think I am sort of getting it. I am eating really slow and usually do not even finish my 4oz of pureed chicken or tuna. I guess it will just take some conscious effort and practice. I need to listen to my body for when it is hungry and when it has had enough. A foreign concept to me, but with practice hopefully it will come to me.

As for my weekly goals: 60oz of water- check. Logged all food into LoseIt.com - check. Go to the gym today- no check. Two out of three is not that bad, right? Maybe tomorrow.

Today I ate the following:

Breakfast: One and a half eggs w/ ketchup and hot sauce.
Lunch: 4oz chicken with light mayo (ate a little over half)
Snack: 1/2 of an Atkins Milk Chocolate Protein Shake
Dinner: 4oz of chicken with light mayo (ate half) and 1oz of spinach w/ feta cheese (pureed)
Multivitamin (liquid) and 2 Viactiv Caramel chews

All in all I am happy with my food today, the spinach with feta pureed was a nice treat. I found the Atkins shake "ok", I think I need to maybe just try yogurt or cottage cheese for my snack. The protein shake is a big PITA.

Till tomorrow...taataa! I'm off to go watch an episode of Ghost Whisperer on Netflix with Josie and then I'm off to bed. Gnite!

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