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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hunger Signs

As I sit here waiting for Josie to wake up and watching Eat, Love, Pray  I have to admit that I am feeling actual hunger signals. My stomach is growling and making noises like it never did before surgery. This is a whole new feeling- true hunger. It's interesting.

On the flip side I am still working on being able to clearly decide when I have hit the "full" marker. I think "full" is when I feel a little weird in the middle of my chest, sort of down below my heart. I think that is when I am "full". I mean I am no longer hungry after a few bites, but it is differentiating between the safe "full" and the stuffed feeling that I am working on. I am a work in progress in this "lifestyle change".

I am excited about my omelet and I think Josie and I are going to the gym this afternoon. I am already working on my water intake (drank 16oz already) and I am continually posting to LoseIt.com. I need to be accountable for my progress and LoseIt.com helps me do that. I can not talk up LoseIt.com enough! It is excellent.

Oh, and one last thing I am really going to start adding in pictures and more videos to the blog. There needs to be a bit more other than words up on here!

Well, have a good Saturday everyone! I know I am going to. <3

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