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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hobby Update 1

I had my Aunt Helen pick me up a book from the library this weekend and I have read a little bit out of the book. I am giving reading a try although really I have a hard time maintaining concentration on a book. 

I can not wait for my friend, Steve, to get home (he will be home on Friday). He said he is going to help us with our garden (we want to build a raised bed), making a turn-a-round in our driveway, taking me fishing and clamming, and later this summer taking me crabbing. Yes, I fully plan on keeping Steve very busy and he will hopefully help me flourish with a good summer hobby. I like fishing, but its just that I never seem to actually catch anything besides a sunburn. I really want to try clamming although I have heard that it is messy Steve has reassured me that clamming with him will not be too messy.  So, I have a few potential hobbies with my dear friend Steve. 

I took a walk with Josie tonight, so that is a step in the right direction but I still need to make it to the actual gym.  I would like to get into the habit of working out, I know that exercising is an important aspect to losing the weight and keeping it off. 

I like cooking and I like blogging, so this will definitely continue to be a big part of my progress and recovery from food addiction. I enjoy cooking I just need to make certain that I focus on healthy ingredients, healthy recipes, and good portion controlled meals.  

My Food For Today:

Breakfast: 1 egg w/ ketchup and hot sauce
Lunch: 4oz of chicken w/ mayo (pureed)
Dinner: 1oz mashed potatoes and 3oz chicken with mushroom gravy (pureed)

Exercise: 20 minutes of walking

Well, that is about all the wit and wisdom I have for one night. I am getting ready for bed and then to get my quality eight. Gnite!

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