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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can't Wait for Tomorrow to Be Over

I have been super busy at work this week! It's like Armageddon o work for me right now and a big portion will be over tomorrow and then another portion on Wednesday. Thank God!!!

Today I worked till 4pm, got home and changed, went to my second WW meeting of the week, went to GNC, the Dollar Store, and Stop & Shop, came home unpacked, went to the gym, came home and did the dishes, and then ate my dinner (a Chobani yogurt with Mango- pretty good but very sweet!)

I weighted myself today and I am down seven pounds this week!!! I guess the two weeks of no weight loss has resulted in a good week. Woot woot!

After yesterday's fill fiasco I am left sore on the stomach and on liquids only today. I can't wait for an omelet tomorrow morning when I can eat soft foods again! Ahhhhh, the finer things! LOL!!

Well I am off to bed because I am completely exhausted! Gnite!


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  1. hey congrats..great recovery of weight. Any tips for me mate, i also want to loose my weight.