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Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Post Is For Steve

I have had a relatively relaxing day. My Dad and Doug came over and removed a gigantic tractor tire from my back yard, took the old dressers from our bedroom, mowed the lawn, and sprayed for spiders around the foundation (cause Mama does not like spiders). I worked on my fathers website and got his Pest page up and running, worked on my Lose It! page since I have to start tracking my 800 calories each day, and made Josie and me lunch and dinner. Beyond that I have been chilaxing and watching Ghost Whisperer with Josie.

I am not doing a good job getting my liquids in today. It is 10pm, I have a 300 calorie deficit (meaning I need to eat 300 more calories), and I have not even drank enough water today. I don't know.... I need to get on it though. I have to say that the cream soup type things I am eating are not as great as I thought they would be.

Tonight I made myself this Cheddar and Broccoli 98% Fat Free soup in a 50/50 mixture of soup with skim milk. I do not think that I ate it too fast, as I was just dipping the spoon in licking the little that was on there.  But I could not even finish the little bit of soup that I had after it cooked down and I was very gassy, I kept burping. I don't know, maybe it was the broccoli. Maybe, I ate too fast. I guess only time will tell, but it didn't taste horrible- so that was a small plus.

I am thinking of making an appointment to see the nutritionist again, as I feel as though I have many questions about the diet and now that I am getting closer to the eating food again (Thursday I start pureed food/baby food) that it might be helpful. I am thinking I will call on Monday to see if I can make an appointment for this week.

That is all for tonight. And Steve this post was for you and thank you for keeping me motivated. Love you Steve!

Good night!

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