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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pre-Op Diet: 2 Days Clear Liquid Only

Today is the first day of my clear liquid only portion of the pre-op diet. I have been on liquids for the past twelve days and have gotten sort of used to my protein shakes and one bar a day.....they actually started to taste pretty good. Now it is just chicken or beef broth (low sodium of course), clear juices, water, herbal/decaf tea, sugar free jello, or no sugar added popsicles. So far today...not so bad.

We will see what happens by tomorrow, will I have the same sunny outlook or will I be more unsettled? I actually think that the two week liquid diet has been beneficial. I can clearly see my problem with food, particularly sugary foods and chocolate. I have switched to using Truvia instead of sugar or splenda in my tea and already my perception of sweet is different. I get full off of two cups of broth and a jello. Now I know I could not live on liquids forever, but all in all my energy is back and I think I actually feel better than when I was overeating and gorging myself.

I am excited about Thursday and am ready to take this next step in my life.  I am finally ready, after backing out in 2007, I am ready to take control of my eating and my life with this tool- the LapBand.

Till tomorrow I leave you with Dr. Dre and Eminem's song that I discussed on Sunday. Enjoy.

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