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Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Week Post-Op!

It has been one week since my surgery. I am doing pretty well, the pain is there but not horrible anymore (unless I am a moron) and I am down 8lbs. for the week. That is a really good weight loss even when considering I have been eating nothing but jello, broth, protein water, and watered down juice. And tomorrow I go for my one week post-op doctors visit.

I am so excited because tomorrow I should get the OK to start on full liquids, which means that for the next week I would get to enjoy fat free milk, lite protein shakes, and fat free cream of chicken soup! Yes, I know how pathetic I sound, but really if I have to consume one more bowl of boring broth I may just lose my mind. I know I should be used to it by now, but at least before surgery I would add some cilantro and hot sauce to it for a little spice and adventure. Right now I am too scared to try anything so drastic with my "new stomach". So it has been boring broth, but tomorrow I will have a cup of cream of chicken soup and probably be on Cloud 11, since Cloud 9 just won't be good enough!

Something that I realized today- after next weeks "full liquid diet" I will have been on a liquid diet for one month! No food for one month!! Take that Survivor assholes, bet you couldn't do that! LOL.

Well, Josie has been putting together that Ikea dresser and I have to say it is real wood (I didn't know), looks solid, and actually looks really nice. Now,  Pancho V. better not do his "trick" on these dressers or he may be banished from the bedroom forever!

Oh...how could I do that. He is so sweet and cute, but he did ruin a dresser....although it was for the best since it was a cheap pressboard type dresser. Maybe Pancho just has good taste and did not like the drab look of the dressers we had...so that would mean to save us he had to ruin the dressers.....it was in our best interest that he did what he did! Exactly, my son- Pancho Villa- the savior of our house's interior design. Yes, that is it. I could never banish a savior from my bedroom....I mean our bedroom. ;-)

Well, tomorrow is a big day and I need to rest. Up at 5am to watch the Royal Wedding (yes, I am that dork!) and then to my doctors in Norwich for my appointment. After that I will meander my way around the shoreline. Till tomorrow. Peace and <3

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