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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Grand Introduction

For my first post I don't really know where to start. I have so much to say.

My LapBand surgery is scheduled for April 21, 2011- my birthday. I think that it is significant that my surgery that will help create a new me and a new way of life is occuring on the day that I was brought into this world.

That is why I believe that this surgery will be my rebirth- when I become a new person and most significantly my relationship with food will restart. This will give me an opportunity to start over and be a better person than I currantly am.

Currently as of April 17, 2011 I am on Day 11 of my two week Pre-Op Liquid Diet. This entails consuming 6 OptiFast 800 Protein Shakes, 1 OptiFast 800 Bar, and as much clear liquids (reduced sodium broth, diluted apple/white grape juice, water, Crystal Light, Sugar Free Jello, and No Sugar Added Popcicles) as I would like. The first day two days were not pretty, I day dreamed about food, had headaches, and was constantly tired. Currently, on the 7th day I woke up feeling a little better, not so tired.....and overall my desire to cause bodily injury to people for food is gone. Yesterday, I even went into a market and bought my wife a wrap, stuffed mushroom, and dessert...I got nothing for myself and was not that pained from the experience....think more Edward around Bella  now (if you are a Twilight fan).

This blog will be a venting board and my outlet during the rebirth. Hope you like and thanks for following.


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