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Friday, April 29, 2011

My First Appointment with Dr. Floch Post-Op

Today I had my first Post-Op appointment with Dr. Floch in Norwalk. It was short and sweet. The butterfly bandages over the incisions came off and all of the incisions look excellent. I can also rest easy that my stomach is OK after my mishap at Ikea on Wednesday when I irritated my muscle, he said all seemed fine with the port....so no worries there.

I was told to advance to Stage 2 Diet- Full Liquids and that every Thursday I should advance to the next diet phase. So now I am able to have milk, protein shakes, cream of _______ soup diluted with skim milk, light yogurt (with no fruit particles), and all of the clear liquids from last week. And that my daily caloric intake should be 800.

Yesterday, I posted about my excitement to have cream of chicken soup well today I had it. It was "aight". I diluted half of cup of the cream of chicken with half a cup of skim milk, heated it, and then strained all the chicken out of it. When I tried it.....there was just something missing in taste.....not as good as I thought.......but it satisfied me and I could not even finish it. There was about a quarter of a cup left from my cup that I started out with.

All in all not a bad day. Well, till tomorrow I bid you all a goodnight.

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