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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Good Day and Then A Stupid Moment

I went back to work today and had a pretty good day. I stayed until 3:45, longer than I had anticipated because of a meeting, but all-in-all, I was able to handle the pain and stress that came along with my day today. So I am feeling better.

Then after work Josie and I went to BJ's in North Haven to pick up Skittles for my boss and then decided to check out Ikea. A side note, Josie had the Stuffed Salmon with some sort of broccoli/spinach/potato thingy, and vegetables- I know I am food deprived right now but it really did not look that bad....I would even say it looked good.

Now back to my story of my stupid moment, so we were there looking for a dresser. It is a long story why we need a new dresser, but if any of you know my dear Pancho V. then that should explain it. So, we ended up deciding on getting two Hemmes 3 Drawer dressers in Red (more of an antiqued red then a bright "I'm a hooker type red").

The stupid part came when we went to pick it up, so we went to get a flat bed thingy and went over to the location according Ikea's warehouse perfect system and there was five boxes of the dressers. I did not like the look of the top one so I decided to move it. I tried to do so gently as to not hurt the box. Well, in doing that I think I tweaked a muscle in my stomach because now my side hurts. Not a horrible, OH MY GOD- I'M BLEEDING FROM THE INSIDE- GET ME TO A HOSPITAL- hurt, but just a dull tweak that reminds me that I am not 100% or even 75% and that I should not be a jackass.

Well, needless to say we tipped the gentleman at the loading area who easily loaded both into the car for us and they are now nestled gently in the back of the CR-V waiting for my dear Father or perhaps a friend to unload it for us tomorrow. I will not injure myself severely to get a damn dresser into the house for it to sit here till the weekend when we have time to put it together.

We all know how Ikea stuff is to put together; "two hours to complete" turns into five hours and one trip to the emergency room followed by a trip to the package store and an ad on Craigslist for someone to put it together for $50. But Josie wants to put it together, yes she is the more macho one in many ways, so she can have fun with that. I will cook her lunch and dinner and catch up on laundry or rest or something!

Well, I am going to call my dear Father and see if he can come up tomorrow night, then I will check on Josie in the basement organizing things on a new shelf we got, and then this sister is taking a full dose of my "happy/pain free elixer" and go to bed.

Till tomorrow. Love you all and please figure out how to follow me. Nite.

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  1. I figured it out dear! And I just heard Pancho V. say that he had some help from Lola P. nite nite